Fumbling Towards Ecstasy Contest Winners!

Sarah Fumblingcover 150x150

Yea! Winners of 20th year Anniversary of Fumbling Towards Ecstasy contest are … (drumroll)… the names below!  Sarah found a few more goodies in her garage to include 3 additional winners

If you are a winner, please write us on the contact page on this website with your full name, email and mailing address.


1. Possession – Harold C. Bass (Facebook)
2. Wait – Michael Augello (Lyric Lounge)
3. Plenty – Paul (Lyric Lounge)
4. Good Enough – Rachel Young (Facebook)
5. Mary – Thai (Lyric Lounge)
6. Elsewhere – Alexis DP (Facebook)
7. Circle – Tricia Brewer (Lyric Lounge)
8. Ice – Lori Ann Perreault (Facebook)
9. Hold On – Michael Hernandez (Lyric Lounge)
10. Ice Cream – Susan G (@suz2311) (Twitter)
11. Fear – Jacob (Lyric Lounge)
12. Fumbling Towards Ecstasy – Sherri Kidney (Lyric Lounge)
13. Blue – Laura Sage (Facebook)

BONUS Winners!

1. Kelly Driskell Yaun (Facebook ) – Ice Cream
2. Tara Molle (Facebook) – Possession
3. Anna Walker (Lyric Lounge) – Fumbling Towards Ecstasy