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The Sarah McLachlan School of Music, a registered non-profit, provides high quality music education and mentorship at no-cost to 1,000 at-risk and underserved children and youth in Vancouver, Surrey and Edmonton. The School of Music provides opportunities for students across a wide range of ages and abilities to achieve personal growth, and gain confidence to become their best selves. The School teaches music, as well as a broad range of life skills. Students grow musically, socially, emotionally and intellectually. They develop self-esteem, resilience, the ability to act responsibly and independently and learn the importance of being active, engaged community members. 78% of the School’s graduating students go on to post-secondary study, versus BC’s average of 49%. Since the School was founded, Sarah McLachlan has covered 100% of the administrative costs through her Foundation, so that all funds raised go directly to the students’ education – teaching lessons, in-class instruments, access to the instrument loan program, healthy snack program and transportation program.

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