Shine On

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2 Responses to Shine On

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    David 5 days ago

    Black and White…that song was a wonderful release from heavy, even though the lyrics were strong-the potential of jazz kick, doo bee doo thing on the end-just great. This song “in Your Shoes” edges up to this, but falls short.
    Your early channeling of tone and archetype will probably never be reached, again, without the support of people that respect and can help bring that power to the forefront. It IS quite daunting, to carry the weight of your ability, Sarah. You have the latent power, few others have, Would not blame you for backing off and keeping it down low. Who needs fanatic fame? And there are so, so many waves to ride, so little time!! The silky movement of water, liquid blue…

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    Dennis Ott 6 days ago

    Fabulous, fresh new slice from Sarah. If this preliminary release, “In Your Shoes” is any indication of what the entire album has in store for us then we are all in for a HUGE treat!! I have followed and collected CD’s by Sarah for two decades now and have never heard anything I did not like. She puts such careful thought into her lyrics and music. She is one of the very few musicians that can reach and touch your soul.
    YAAAA just 75 days until Sarah at the Greek in LA. So angry with myself for missing the backstage pass purchase.

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