Shine On

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    Rowan Ayers 24 hours ago

    Love beside me quickly became my favorite track. As a musician myself I was captured by the distorted keys. Of course the message of forgiveness hit home for me as well, “It wouldn’t change a thing”. The coolest part though is my 4 year old daughter asking me to play it every time she gets in my car! And yes she sings along. Can’t wait to see you November 19th when you come home. Thanks for your music. Peace. Rowan.

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    Abbey Daw 4 days ago

    The best singer and song writer of all time, Sarah at her best. This album came out at a very vulnerable time in my life and I resonate with all of these songs. “beautiful girl” gets me though, every time. I love you Sarah Mclachlan, thanks for sharing your gift and “powerful” woman leader to this planet, as the change we all wish to see on this planet. XOX-Abbey Daw, SLC. Utah

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    Rachel 8 days ago

    Love this album, my boyfriend and I listen to it all the time. We have two copies one for the house and one for the car. LOVE IT

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    Thierry 16 days ago

    You are really great.

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    Fredz 16 days ago

    Thank you so much for sharing more of your emotions x

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  6. wow …. loooove it … we are back from whence we came … the old years …

    great … see you and gang in Vanc


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    RAIKKONEN 39 days ago


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    Michelle 54 days ago

    Sarah’s music is the soundtrack to my life. I am eternally grateful to her.

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  9. As always, love.

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    Colin 61 days ago

    Absolutely fabulous, thank you, thank you. Brilliant songs, stunning lyrics may your light continue to shine. X

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    Cynthia 63 days ago

    Beauty as always, your voice is like an angel. Thank you.

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    Cindy Pinson 64 days ago

    Bought it!
    Love all of it!!!
    She’s been my FAV since 1998 Lilith Fair.

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    Rabbi Gordon Gladstone 80 days ago

    Thank you for recommending Anne Marie MacDonald’s “Fall on Your Knees.”

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    Alison Campbell 85 days ago

    Such a beautiful album.

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    Tânia 86 days ago

    Como sempre , maravilhoso ! Todas as músicas são lindas ! A suavidade ao cantar é marcante em você !

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    Glenn Zimmermann 89 days ago

    I was Adopted also, I would love to hear you sing a song about Adoption. That would be very nice. Good Bless you Sarah ^_^

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    Karyn 96 days ago

    Love the new album! It was so great to meet you and to hear you sing live again!

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    Barra 98 days ago

    With this cd, its obvious Sarah is in a great place in her life. THe cd hasnt left my ears since I have had it. Whether its in the car, at the gym or at work I am always listening to it. Few of my faves? Monsters, Broken Heart, Love Beside Me…oh hell all of it is great! I had the pleasure of not only seeing Sarah live in Toledo on July 13th but also meeting her. A truly beautiful person both on the inside and out! So so nice and super engaging. I can not tell you how much it meant to me as I have been a Fumbler for a long time!(20+ years)

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    David Pawlick 99 days ago

    I have listened to Shine On so many times in my car that it’s time to replace the CD. The evolution from Laws of Illusion is heart-warming. We saw Sarah last night in Saratoga and she was unbelievable. It was the third time I’ve seen her. The two prior times she was great, but last night was off the charts. It is so obvious that her life is in a really good spot right now and that poured out through every song. The new songs are all great, but performances last night on “Fear”, “Fumbling with Ecstasy”, “Possession” and “Angel”….wow.

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  20. My wife and I were fortunate enough to see Sarah on the Shine On tour and meet her this past weekend in Cincinnati and it was truly an amazing experience! Even before seeing the live show, I could tell that Sarah was in a much better place with Shine On than she was with her previous album. As a parent, I could relate to Monsters, Beautiful Girl and Little B. (Even though I have 3 boys, I start to tear up a bit every time I hear Little B.) Song for My Father is a beautiful track, heartfelt and moving. Turn the Lights Down Low, Love Beside Me and Brink of Destruction are positive love songs from someone in a solid-relationship and The Sound That Love Makes is just an upbeat, happy, fun song. The entire album feels very autobiographical and I’m grateful for Sarah sharing it with all of us.

    I have to share the meet and greet/concert experience, though, too. My wife and I fell in love listening to Fumbling Towards Ecstasy, and Sarah’s music has been part of the soundtrack of our life together ever since. I surprised my wife with the Meet and Greet tickets for our 18th wedding anniversary, and as we were standing in line to meet Sarah, I noticed that Sarah’s eyes would light up and she would give great, big hugs to the folks ahead of us. I assumed that she knew them, but, when our turn came, she did the same thing for us. We got our picture taken with her, I shared that we were celebrating our anniversary with her and thanked her for making music.

    We had third row, center seats for the show, and it was like we were in a small club seeing this amazing vocalist and performer. Sarah also invited some winners of a Social Media contest on stage at a couple of points during the show, spent some time with them and answered fan questions. My takeaway from the entire experience is that Sarah McLachlan is one of the most sincere and genuine entertainers that I’ve ever seen. You know how sometimes meeting someone that you admire from a far may not live up to your expectations? Meeting Sarah exceeded mine!

    Thank you, again, Sarah for making music that stirs the soul and inspires!

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    • Not sure why my rating didn’t show up, but obviously, I’m giving Shine On five stars.

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    • Marc, I saw Sarah last night in Lewiston NY with my wife and my two daughters and I agree with every single word you wrote. My wife and I saw Sarah for the first time when she was introducing her second album and she was opening for Blue Rodeo in North Tonawanda NY. Her music has been a part of our lives even before we saw her live for the first time. She cares and everyone at Artpark in Lewiston NY knew it from the very first moment Sarah walked on stage. Sarah, Thank you.

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      Alicia McLaughlin 98 days ago

      Thanks for sharing your experience Marc. My friend Pam and I will also be part of the meet and greet at the Boston show tomorrow night. We are so excited as I have been a long time fan of Sarah’s as well.
      We are also fortunate to be part of the on stage experience, which is going to be amazing.
      Looking forward to meeting Sarah.

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    Leslie 104 days ago

    Loved the interview on Q. Leslie

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  22. 5
    Mary B. 107 days ago

    Amazing….have been needing your music!

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    Tommy G 111 days ago

    I played Remember & Angel for my late wife’s service, and I will always remember you too. I love your new material & will see you tonight at Ravinia. Have a great show!
    tommy g

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    Frana 114 days ago

    Great album Sarah <3

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    Liz Jung 114 days ago

    Saw you last Friday at the Greek in Berkeley…It was so good to see you and hear you so happy and sounding so amazing….as always! The folks next to us were in shock that I knew word for word every song and sang right along with you as I have been since your first album came out and have done in my living room and past concerts for years. Your music is the soundtrack of my life. The highs of marriage, children, days at the beach, drives on the coast in my convertible, as well as the lows, the loss of babies and friends to cancer….seems like you always know exactly how I feel and singing along side you is so cathartic!!!! Thank you so much for sharing such a gift from God with us all! You are a blessing beyond measure!

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    Gesiane 114 days ago

    As suas músicas me fazem perceber que ainda há harmonia, disciplina, beleza, sensibilidade e respeito no mundo da música.
    Me desloco até o trabalho gastando 1 hora de ida e 1 hora de volta e suas músicas me acalmam.
    Parabéns pelo novo trabalho.
    Quando virá ao Brasil?

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  27. 5
    Andrea Bronner 115 days ago

    Wonderful ! Please come to Munic, Germany :)

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  28. 5
    Marie Hernandez 116 days ago

    Thank you Sarah for your beautiful music. I love your new single ” In Your Shoes”! I love jogging to your lovely songs. Your voice is comforting and soothing! Keep on shining! This American fan adores you! xxoo ;)

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  29. 5
    Cláudio Ferreira 117 days ago

    Sarah- para mim as canções são lindas e a que tocou o meu coração é song For My Father sei muito bem a falta de um pai.
    Sarah – “mudar os nossos hábitos é difícil, e agradar os outros mais ainda, é notório que mudamos a cada momento e nem percebemos; há momentos ruins em nossas vidas é ai que mudamos para valer, vá em frente à felicidade não se compra”.
    Sarah – as nossas escolhas é inteiramente pessoal que ( Deus ) te ilumine ainda mais.

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  30. 5
    Becky Garcia 117 days ago

    Heard all your songs at the Greek theatre June 28 Los Angeles, Ca.. All your songs are so real and the lyrics are deep and meaningful. We had a blast!

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  31. 5
    Elizabeth Hills 122 days ago

    Will be in Lake Tahoe to hear your beautiful voice!! Please sing What’s it Gonna Take! Love your music! ESH

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  32. 5
    Shannon Kraska 125 days ago

    I saw you last night at St.Michele, and I’m absolutely taken with your new songs! What a journey this is going to be…

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    Nicole 126 days ago

    I’m been living with rheumatoid arthritis since I was 15 (1996). Sometimes it gets to be too much, but listening to your music is so calming and reassuring. Your songs have helped me through a lot and I don’t have words to express my gratitude. So a simple thank you will have to do. Thank you for your melodies, thank you for the lyrics. But most of all, thank you for helping me to love myself despite my imperfections, my disabilities. I now embrace them and I know I will be okay through my good days, my bad days, and every day in between. Thank you. Oh, and please come to Pittsburgh! :)

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  34. 5
    kellye 126 days ago

    Sarah’s music has been such a huge part of my life. Fumbling became my college anthem and each song has a special college memory associated with it. Surfacing came out during a time of great discovery and transition while I was on active duty in the Army. I sang songs from that album on long road marches or overnight guard duty and found such peace and comfort from doing so. Mirrorball saw another transition in my life as I left active duty and entered into the civilian workforce and I have such fond memories each time I hear this album. Sarah also made an appearance during an emotional ending to a 8 year relationship and I had to take a break from her music for awhile. Music evokes such an intense emotional reaction at times and Sarah’s music was hitting too close to memories that I wanted to forget. So, I had to put the albums away knowing I would be ready to listen to them again someday. This summer in Kansas City, will be the first time I have seen her perform in many years and I look forward to restarting a lovely musical “relationship” with someone whose music has been a part of my teen-aged years, my college years, my Army service, my “big girl” job, my relationships and whose lyrics and melodies evoke memories- both good and bad- of nearly 25 years of my life. Thank you Sarah for continuing to share your passion with us. I am now married and will be bringing my wife to the KC show and this will be our first show of yours as a married couple. My wife is the same woman who broke my heart so many years ago and is the reason I had to allow your albums to collect some dust. But, your music also has helped heal us and I guess in the end, we found a way to Shine On.

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  35. 5
    Haag Michael 127 days ago

    Back to the roots !

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  36. 5
    Heidi 133 days ago

    I am always so moved by Sarah’s voice and lyrics, thanks again for moving me and sharing your light and love!

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  37. 5
    Brenda Moon 134 days ago

    My husband gave me your new Shine On C.D for Mother’s Day! I’ve been playing it in the car on the way to work daily . I respect the fact you take the time you need to be a mom, friend, lover and ..surfer before putting your efforts into yet another C.D. All those experiences in between only enhance your beautiful music and lyrics. Unfortunately, the loss of your father is something many of us are experiencing also and your song speaks to what I feel about missing my own father.I thank you for writing such a lovely song. Shine On is one of your finest with it’s inspiring messages and such a fun ukulele tune makes me smile. I’m grateful you embrace and stay true to your Canadian heritage and our delightful music scene in Canada. You are truly one of our gems we share with the world. So happy for you, Sarah!

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    Angel Lafuente 138 days ago

    It is surprising the way Sarah get absolute beauty with high simplicity. I cannot stop listening again and again this album. I wish I could create something so beautiful such as ‘Song for my father’ to dedicate to my own one. Thanks for making life easier with your voice!

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  39. 5
    matt heath 139 days ago

    great album beautiful girl my fave ive meet u one seen u 7 times and about to see u here in nyc next month also i have a story in ur very first murmurs newsletter about when i first saw you

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  40. 5
    EDSON MOREIRA 144 days ago



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  41. Beautiful

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    Joanne Hale 148 days ago

    You are an amazing person. You’re music takes me on so many journeys and offers me strength when I’m not sure I can get through & so many of your songs are a glowing testament to your sense of humanity. I lost my 33 y.o daughter last year & your music & songs filled me with the words I just couldn’t find myself & I know that if I could have a song to leave behind for my remaining 8 children I would want you to write it :)

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  43. 5
    Alvaro 154 days ago

    Please, come to Spain!

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  44. 5
    Ola Macinnes 155 days ago

    It means everything … You always bring me to me with a new strength thank you

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  45. 5
    Dan Burt 157 days ago

    This album is an absolute masterpiece, and I adore it. It’s now my favourite album of yours.

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  46. 5
    Suzanne Ivans 159 days ago

    Listening to Beautiful Girl this morning and it made me think of my old college roommate who has been going through so much lately – between recent news of her father with terminal cancer and her tall and awkward auburn-haired daughter who is going through terrible angst, that even my dear friend’s love cannot seem to bridge*

    So in a spurt of inspiration, I purchased three tickets to your July 19 Boston show, where my friend lives, which will means I will carve out time to fly out there to see her. And I pray you will play the song and that the moment will be magical and her daughter in all of her myopic “the world is my world and my world is not kind” phase will be transformed by your beauty that shines in your voice and lyrics. Life will be unchanged – but beauty will suspend it for a short while.

    *i.e. see my friend’s March blog entry about her daughter Melanie at

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  47. 5
    Ian Smith 159 days ago

    Thanks for a great album. I bought your album at Target the other day and it’s all great … but I really love “What’s It Gonna Take”. It’s such an evocative life transition song.

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  48. 5
    Steven Hutcherson 160 days ago

    Simply Amazing ……Sarah you just keep getting better with each song, and your Stunning.

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    Rhiney maceachern 160 days ago

    I’ve been waiting for new music from Sarah like all of your fans. Your music has a special place in my heart. It has gotten me through some rough time as in my life. I am a Canadian forces Veteran and hearing your songs always brought my mind back to home,no matter where I was serving at the time. I’ll see u in Vancouver. Thankyou Sarah

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  50. 5
    Michael Downing 160 days ago

    Great album!
    Pity we can’t buy it from iTunes Australia yet

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    • 0
      Team Sarah McLachlan 158 days ago

      Shine On was released in Australia on May 9. You should be able to purchase it through iTunes. Please let us know if you’re still having trouble downloading it! #ShineOn

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  51. 5
    Kelly alfax Ann 161 days ago

    this is crazy…
    Shine On is incredibly so good…
    you express various sides of you – which definitely have something engaging about your music as always.
    How could you make, play, & sing new music like this… everytime…?
    I’m so lucky breathing same generation with you Sarah McLachlan.
    A long waiting period for live performance coming in Nov will be peacefully full of new music & hundreds of your news/interview/live clips from everywhere.
    my life always owes your music, thanks so much… Take care!

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  52. 5
    Victor 161 days ago

    Awesome work! Thank you for all these emotions!

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  53. 5
    Susan Wagers 162 days ago

    I really love every song on Shine On especially In Your Shoes, Monsters, Beautiful Girl and What’s It Gonna Take. I was a long time member of Murmurs and have always loved your beautiful voice. Thanks, Sarah, for making great music for all this time.

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  54. 5
    Stacey 162 days ago

    Love you Sarah! Thanks for coming to Saratoga Springs, New York! I will be seeing you in concert again and can’t wait. I love In Your Shoes, about how you can start over and it’s our choice “You Choose” your happiness. I love Little B, My children are about the same age as your children, and I love the line of how our biggest gifts from our kids are the memories they have. I have tears in my eyes after listening to this song because motherhood goes by so fast… I also love What’s It Gonna Take, like you, I’m entering my mid-40′s, and it reminds me of how we got here, and where do we go from here. And of course Beautiful Girl- love love, and I love The Sound That Love Makes- it is my daughter’s favorite song on your CD, and it’s just a happy song. All your songs capture emotion in me, and I just love that you are the onlly artist who can do this to me!! See you in July!

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  55. 4
    David Dalton 164 days ago

    I take the title Shine On to mean that I can carry on being a bit eccentric (as long as I’m not too eccentric I suppose). I’ll comment further on the CD after it arrives from amazon dot ca, but I think the CD is heavy on empowerment of girls and women, is a tribute to Sarah’s father, and is passionate, and represents a fresh new, more rocking side of Sarah. Good work, Ms. SM

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  56. 5
    ClayinVan 164 days ago

    Such Beautiful Vibrant New Work!
    I’ve been enjoying the Whole Album!
    Favs SO;oD Far…
    “Broken Heart” ,”Whats it Gonna Take” &
    “The Sound That Love Makes”
    Gonna be HUGE!
    Really want to see it Live back to back w/ “Ice Cream”
    & I hopefully will in Oct 20th in Vancouver
    Thk U 4 the Wonderful New Album!
    Lady Sarah!

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  57. 5
    Jim and Amy Rosborough 164 days ago

    Beautiful, mesmerizing and inspiring. I am picking up the saxophones to sing with you. Thank you!

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  58. 5
    Riblet 164 days ago

    Bonjour Sarah, je viens d’écouter les extraits que vous proposez. J’ai hâte que votre album soit disponible en France. J’aime beaucoup votre musique mais surtout votre voix. Bien sincèrement. Marie Noelle

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  59. 5
    Cesar Chavez 164 days ago

    Beautiful creation … I Love how you had your old band group help you out . You guys work so well together ..Bob Rock did a great job as well creating new sounds .

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  60. 5
    Solel Morgan 164 days ago

    original, no covers

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  61. 5
    Jason 165 days ago

    My wife and I listened to this album all weekend long. It is purely amazing. I can’t wait to see it live this July!

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  62. 5
    Gene Costarella 165 days ago

    Great Sarah, love it from the first song to the last, looking foward to see you in Montreal. Thanks

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  63. Sarah, I have loved all of your albums…but this is a new favorite! I love all of the songs…but What’s It Gonna Take is probably my favorite…I feel like I could have written it…it feels like it was from my point of view! Thank you so much for all the incredible music you have given us over the years…I hope to see you in concert again sometime!

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  64. 5
    Linda 166 days ago

    Love all your music. Glad u have new out. Good to see u again
    Love u

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  65. 4
    Rick Gerner 167 days ago

    I think Monster is my favorite on this album but Possession will always be my favorite ever with Love Come and I Love You in a dead heat for a very close second.

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  66. 4
    Rick Gerner 167 days ago

    Sarah I love you, your music and your angelic voice. I wish you were coming back to NJ this tour. I had the best New Year’s Eve when I saw you in AC. You performed with pnuemonia and a sore throat and you still were phemonenal!! Please come back to NJ again soon. I have to see you again!!

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  67. 0
    Thomas kowalchuk 167 days ago

    There’s always one in a crowd! And this one really needs to go back to school and learn how to construct a proper sentence. A real winner here…LOL.
    We’re all behind you Sarah. And come October 7th, we’ll all be in front of you enjoying a long awaited night with you and your music. Love you Sarah…:)

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  68. Can`t wait to see you in Montréal this november…your music saved my soul and held it strong through my most tragic years….love you Sarah! …Anna…bless your heart.

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  69. 5
    Ida Jyrell 168 days ago

    Broken heart is amazing! Thank you! Come to Sweden soon!!// Ida Jyrell

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  70. 5
    Anthony 168 days ago

    Love your new Album !

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  71. Great…but I there are no liner notes on iTunes ?

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  72. 5
    Christian 169 days ago

    Another gift from you. Your voice and lyrics bring so much to this musical world . Will be at Theatre St-Denis Montreal in November.
    Thank you so much

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  73. 5
    Keith 169 days ago

    amazing…….you can touch my soul, my sorrow, and love. Love this album. Well worth the waiting.

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  74. 5
    Justin 169 days ago


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  75. 5
    Evert 169 days ago

    I love the whole album! It s worth the wait!
    My absolute favorite on it: “Song For My Father”….It’s giving my.goosebumps all over!

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  76. 5
    Debra Early 170 days ago

    Excellent. Love Flesh and Blood the most. Well worth the wait. Huge fan.

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  77. 4
    nathalie 170 days ago

    Love!!!! the song What’s it gonna Take :) )

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  78. Sarah–”Little B” really resonated with me as a parent. Lovely song. Trying to keep from collapsing into sobs at work.

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  79. 5
    Mildred 171 days ago

    Absolutely fantastic!

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  80. 5
    Mack Brown 172 days ago

    You, and your music, your art, have meant so much to me in my life. Whether it filled my heart with pure joy, or touched my sorrow profoundly, you have given so much joy to me, and to so many others. I am very happy and excited about the release of “Shine On”, and I am thankful for you.

    Sarah, thank you for sharing so much of your beautiful soul. Congratulations on the new album.

    Wishing you love, light, and peace, always.

    ~ mack ~


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  81. 5
    Gabreail 172 days ago

    hey that song is good

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  82. 5
    jennifer barbour 177 days ago

    I have always loved your music and so excited to see a new album coming out!!! Hope to see you on tour soon too!

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  83. 5
    Gabe N 180 days ago

    Yippie Sarah’s back… I need this album already in my collection like yesterday.

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  84. 5
    Dwight David Thrash, CPA, FCPA 182 days ago

    Great song. :-)

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  85. Can’t wait to get this album!

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  86. 5
    tumbling towards extacy 187 days ago

    Oh and i meant fumbling i hope u know! Alot of those songs felt like the story of my life and different things and struggles . Have been though. I gave my son up for adoption 180months ago and even today thats the only CD I can put ny heart around and feel comfort for. You sometimes really make like to me a little easier to handle andim so thankful for your inspinspiration. Your the best!

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  87. 5
    tumbling towards extacy 187 days ago

    Alot of those songs felt like the story of my life and different things and struggles . Have been though. I gave my son up for adoption 180months ago and even today thats the only CD I can put ny heart around and feel comfort for. You sometimes really make like to me a little easier to handle andim so thankful for your inspinspiration. Your the best!

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  88. 3
    David 193 days ago

    Black and White…that song was a wonderful release from heavy, even though the lyrics were strong-the potential of jazz kick, doo bee doo thing on the end-just great. This song “in Your Shoes” edges up to this, but falls short.
    Your early channeling of tone and archetype will probably never be reached, again, without the support of people that respect and can help bring that power to the forefront. It IS quite daunting, to carry the weight of your ability, Sarah. You have the latent power, few others have, Would not blame you for backing off and keeping it down low. Who needs fanatic fame? And there are so, so many waves to ride, so little time!! The silky movement of water, liquid blue…

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  89. 5
    Dennis Ott 193 days ago

    Fabulous, fresh new slice from Sarah. If this preliminary release, “In Your Shoes” is any indication of what the entire album has in store for us then we are all in for a HUGE treat!! I have followed and collected CD’s by Sarah for two decades now and have never heard anything I did not like. She puts such careful thought into her lyrics and music. She is one of the very few musicians that can reach and touch your soul.
    YAAAA just 75 days until Sarah at the Greek in LA. So angry with myself for missing the backstage pass purchase.

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    • 0
      Albert Leong 105 days ago

      I love you Sarah. Please consider a concert in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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