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I will be the answer
At the end of the line
I will be there for you
While you take the time

In the burning of uncertainty
I will be your solid ground
And I will hold the balance
If you can’t look down

If it takes my whole life
I won’t break, I won’t bend
It’ll all be worth
Worth it in the end

‘Cause I can only tell you what I know
That I need you in my life
And when the stars have all gone out
You’ll still be burning so bright

Cast me gently into morning
For the night has been unkind
Take me to a place so holy
That I can wash this from my mind
Memory of choosing not to fight

If it takes my whole life
I won’t break, I won’t bend
It will all be worth
Worth it in the end

‘Cause I can only tell you what I know
That I need you in my life
And when the stars have all burned out
You’ll still be burning so bright

Cast me gently into morning
For the night has been unkind

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  1. Kunle Chris 8 days ago

    The first time i heard this song was in 2007 and was my final year of Maritime college in Nigeria. I can’t forget how much sacred the song became. I was at that point finding who i am and what my purpose is, but a voice from this song always assures me even when the whole world turn around, he will be there for me. Here I am following that path I was scared to follow, living the life i was not sure i can have.
    Finally, I never would have believed I will be in the same country where Sarah Mclachlan is from, studying music. I can’t wait to see her perform this song life.
    Thanks for writing this song and God bless you

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  2. If you have ever heard of Rachel’s Challenge, this song will have special meaning for you. So sad, so haunting.

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  3. TAO jones 35 days ago

    Robin Martin my friend, yoga teacher and art collaborator. We do “acro” so “be the balance when you can’t look down” resonates in a material and emotional way. This is going to have to be “our song”.

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  4. A profoundly moving song about love and steadfast loyalty. Can one truly promise anything more than to be “the answer” for another? Even if many nights are unkind?
    So beautiful …

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  5. Julie Bilbrey 85 days ago

    My favorite lyric of all: cast me gently into morning for the night has been unkind.

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  6. Julie Bilbrey 85 days ago

    This song gives me hope. It’s a light even in the darkest of times. It’s what I most want someone to say to me.

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  7. Luciana Dos Santos 86 days ago

    I think the melody of this beautiful song. Give me a sense of peace espírito.
    A wonderful lyrics.
    My favorite!

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  8. Luciana Dos Santos 86 days ago

    My favorite! Answer! Te amo!
    promise you will not forget us.
    Come to Brazil!

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  9. Cathia Friou 102 days ago

    When I was walking the Camino in Spain two summers ago, this song appeared in my throat. I just started humming it at first, not sure what it was. I thought it was a Sarah McLachlan song, but I wasn’t sure. I didn’t really know the song but it came to me. I found it on my ipod and listened to it over and over. And continued to hum and sing it as I walked those 200 miles over two weeks. The song still brings me to tears every time I hear it (in the best kind of way) and became my Camino mantra. Can’t wait to see you at the Beacon tomorrow night, Sarah. What an honor. Any chance you will be singing it? ~Cathia

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  10. Gary Joseph Crouch 103 days ago

    In Taipei, Taiwan, my Taiwanese partner handed me his iPhone on a bus with your song on YouTube when it was first released. My Mum had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer for about 18 months. He handed me his iPhone set up ready to play, he didn’t look at me and put his face back in his book. When I pressed play, I cried from start to end in a bus full of people, and my partner never looked up from his book. He left me alone in the moment, my moment. He knew I loved your songs, and he knew what this song would mean to me. As much as I hated him for doing this to me on a busful of people, I will always love him for loving me. My dear mum past away 19/12/2011 aged 91, and I still cry every time I listen to your song, Answer, not only because I can fit the perfect memories to the lyrics, but because I can still feel my boyfriend’s love on that bus, on that day, that moment will be forever with me. My mum, her words, her thoughts, her memories, will always be the Answer, the balance. I will forever miss my mum. Amen.

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  11. Gary Joseph Crouch 103 days ago

    In Taipei, Taiwan, my Taiwanese partner handed me his iPhone on a bus with your song on YouTube when it was first released. My Mum had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer for about 18 months. He handed me his iPhone set up ready to play, he didn’t look at me and put his face back in his book. When I pressed play, I cried from start to end in a bus full of people, and my partner never looked up from his book. He left me alone in the moment, my moment. He knew I loved your songs, and he knew what this song would mean to me. As much as I hated him for doing this to me on a busful of people, I will always love him for loving me. My dear mum past away 19/12/2011 aged 91, and I still cry every time I listen to your song, Answer, not only because I can fit the perfect memories to the lyrics, but because I can still feel my boyfriend’s love on that bus, on that day, that moment will be forever with me. My mum, her words, her thoughts, her memories, will always be the Answer, the balance. After 2 1/2 years, I can now sat the balance, but I will forever miss my mum. Amen.

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  12. Lady Phoenix 114 days ago

    When someone you hold dear to your heart is going through a rough transition, you will be there for them no matter how bleek the situation may seem and that only holds true because in the end that person is doing the same for you <3

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  13. This song will always be connected to my daughter. She was born premature with multiple issues that required two major surgeries, many interventions, and seven months in the neonatal intensive care unit of a hospital that was an hour’s drive from our house. I used to sing this song to her in the hospital. I knew that I was NOT “the answer.” I was only her father. But I wanted to be there for her. She was such a gift to us, so precious: “I need you in my life” — what a tremendous realization this was to me, singing this to a baby girl, not because I wanted to possess her and control her, but because she was brighter than all the stars. We had some nights that were “unkind,” in waiting rooms, wearing “scrubs” in the NICU, metal vests during x-rays. We waited for the gentle morning. I am happy to say that we finally brought her home seven years ago, and today she is a bright, lively, charming, intelligent little girl. She is burning bright indeed. And I am grateful that today I can share your music with her. Thank you, Sarah.

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  14. Melanie L; 183 days ago

    I Love the way you perform this Live!!! I think everyone needs to experience your shows. Listening to your music is one of a kind special, but there’s no better feeling than seeing your favorite performer sing Live! :-)

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  15. This song has changed in meaning for me with time, even in the few days I’ve rediscovered it. The short version goes like this: It started as being a song about someone I’ll eventually find and fall in love with who will support me in rough times. It morphed recently into a song of dedication to a woman I have a lot of love for, friendship and otherwise (an ex-girlfriend with whom I was super-connected), who recently re-entered my life by (a taken) chance. Then, over the past few days, it has become a song of more moderate dedication, and reintegrated hope for myself, and an admittance of my faults; in particular, being able to wash from my mind the memory of choosing not to fight. I was so negatively-focused in our relationship that I didn’t see what all I really had, and I just gave up. =\

    I’m thankful to say that we are friends again, taking things as they come, with no expectations. (I can’t say this goes without hopes for me, and maybe even her too.) =) It’s challenging, and I’m growing tremendously to meet these challenges. One of them is to keep that love in check…and that means not singing this to her at my first chance, no matter how much my love’s voice wants to be heard. ;) So I listen and sing to it myself, letting that voice be heard when needed, while I take the time. While we, perhaps. Either way, I’ll still be there for her, and hold balance…and I’ll still need her in my life, even if it’s just as a friend.

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  16. Answer means to me that when your prayers are answered, and you find the one you love, you are at peace. When you arrive home from your travels, you can be with the one you love and rest.

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  17. Kristina 279 days ago

    When this song first came out, I thought it was about the man in my life (who became my husband) as my “answer”. I thought it was about how he was a rock in my life.

    The marriage ended after 13 years, as painful as any divorce.

    And then I wondered if maybe *I* was the answer, that I needed to find something within myself that was an answer, and that perhaps I should not have associated a song with the lyric “cast me gently into morning, for the night has been unkind” with the “memory of choosing not to fight” as a love song for my marriage! Ahhh, hindsight. :-) I thought that maybe *I* was the star still “burning bright.” Maybe I am.

    But now? I wonder if God’s voice is there with yours. “Take me to a place so holy that I can wash this from my mind…” Those burning stars might be something much bigger than I am. Maybe the God I rejected for so many years has been waiting patiently all along.

    We all have struggle and pain, but I hold fast to the belief that it’s all worth it in the end.

    I can only wonder what this song will mean to me in another ten years!

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  18. T(im McHenry 279 days ago

    This song was at the cornerstone of my journey from a very dark place a few years ago. I published a book about the experience. So inspiring was this song that I have begun a novel loosely based on the lyrics. Everyone needs a song like this to call their own. Sarah, thanks for sharing it with the world!

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  19. I dedicated this song to my Grandfather who just passed away to let him know I will be the bird with the biggest wings after he is gone so not to worry. He loved everybody the same and never complained about a single moment in his life. Love you Pops. Thank you Sarah of course ;)

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  20. I love this song. For me, it’s actually about several things all woven together. It’s about who I want to be for my daughter, who is deaf. Its about my own Mother, who dealt with a hard life with out ever bending, and about my guilt at not being more like her. It’s ultimately about my weariness and about the refuge that God offers when this life is over.

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  21. Natalie M 335 days ago

    This is the song my husband and I chose as our wedding song in 2004. There was something so captivating about the lyrics as we started our life together. The only verse that gave me pause was that which begins “Cast me gently…” but we went for it anyway. Then, in 2011, I had a crazy stressful situation at my job and my husband was a rock through it all. Suddenly, that verse made so much sense and had become just as true as the other ones. As we grow ever closer to our ten year anniversary, I love this song more than when we chose it because we grew into it together; I love that it reflects, for us, a promise of what we are to and for each other.

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  22. I was alone when I first listened to this song. I imagined having someone love me, care for me, and need me. Now that I am married, I feel like this song could mean my love for my wife, the only person I have ever dated or been with. Being with someone you love and never giving up on them, fighting to remain relevant enough to care and comfort them. There is a sense of vulnerability and softness that demands fragile care when I listen to this song. There is sentimental softness, nostalgic calmness that soothes my heart, like a mother holding a little baby. I like this song a lot. It makes my song skip a beat and hard to breathe when I hear it.

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  23. When I was pregnant with my second daughter my terminally ill mother took a turn for the worse. She fought to hang on to see her new granddaughter, which she did. We spent so much time together during those last few months, sharing and caring for each other, being each other’s “solid ground”. I remember the moment of her choosing not to fight and I told her it was okay for her to let go. Her star burns among the brightest up there and shines down on me. I draw upon it and my daughters draw upon me as the cycle of life continues.

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  24. I heard this for the first time soon after my mother had passed away, at night and alone. I hear my Mom say, I will be the answer at the end of the line, I will be there for you while you take the time…. I hear myself singing, “Cast me gently into morning for the night has been unkind” And I know this song is about me and my Mom.

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  25. This song reflects One Solitary (eternal) Life of our Lord: Christmas Eve, Holy Thursday in the Garden of Gethsemanes, Good Friday’s Crucifixion, Easter Sunday Resurrection, yesterday, today, tomorrow and for all eternity. This song and your arrangement of What Child is This/Greensleeves are my two favorite songs and two songs that I believe will stand the test of all time. Please let us all know when the sheet music (piano/vocal/guitar) for these two wonderful songs will become available. Thank you.

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  26. One whom received a word from God and is waiting on the Lord"and will not tarry,steadfast in faith through Christ Jesus.:) 360 days ago

    One whom received a word and is waiting on the Lord” and will not tarry,steadfast in faith,through Christ Jesus.:)

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  27. Stunning, bitter sweet love and loss…cried when I heard you sing it at the royal Albert hall…gets me everytime I hear it….so true a description of life highs and lows…..such honesty.. A true gift to be able to not only write such lyrics but touch and have meaning for so many people across the world. Thank you!

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  28. Ivanka Marija 363 days ago

    One excellent sog,amazing voice for sure! God bless you.

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  29. Wolfgang 365 days ago

    Eine der vielen Songs die ich sehr gerne höre. Ein Hörgenuss für alle die absolute Spitzenmusik lieben. Da ich selbst Musiker bin habe ich ein Ohr für gute Texte und Kompositionen. Man kann bei den Interpretationen von Sarah sich ganz entspannt zurücklehnen und entspannen.
    Ein Muss für jeden Liebhaber des Anspruchsvollen.


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  30. This is one of my all time favorites!!!! To me it’s about Strength of a relationship and getting through anything that may come at you.

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  31. Mindy Wilson Torres 367 days ago

    This is my favorite song to turn down the lights… sit outside or in the car and just play this song. I sing along and can listen to this over and over. It’s my song just to get away for a while. I know in life I’ve messed up… like in the song fallen… however this is my comfort song. Thank you Sarah <3

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  32. The beauty in this song is captivating. When a song can make you sit down and listen intently (and maybe cry a bit) you know it’s an amazing song. This song is special to me, because it reminds me of a certain part of my life that was very hard. Even after I was broken, the lyrics reminded me that “I won’t break, I won’t bend.” So instead of being sad, I stood tall, found strength, and carried on…. I love this song :)

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  33. Thaneah 370 days ago

    This song makes me think of my parents who have been together for almost 53 years. They haven’t always seen eye to eye, but my Mom, who is 79, just had surgery 2 days ago. My Dad stayed at the hospital for 12 hours the day of the surgery without eating and 12 hours yesterday too. Since I couldn’t get a hold of him both days, I imagined the worst but when I talked to him last night, he said my Mom just asked him to stay all day even though she was feeling better. She just wanted him to be there. I thought it was so sweet, I get choked up just thinking about it. That is the way the lyrics of this song make me feel – that feeling of commitment that my parents have for each other because they’ve been through so much for so long. Thank you :)

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  34. I interpret this song being about commitment. and working together no matter what difficulties the couple encounters, they are each others support. Even when darkness or hardships fall upon them they willingly come to acceptance and are able to find some peace and strength.This song remids me of my parents as they continue to never give up on each other. I love this song, thank you. It is amazing.

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  35. Being brain injured this song reminds me of what my husband goes through with my injuries in my brain. There is an uncertainty I will get much better than I am. The time it takes to heal is sooo long. He is here for me while I heal and until the end of this horrible trial. There have been nights that we cry and cry and cry. Sleep is the only escape to be away from this tragedy. We often say the light at the end of our tunnel is burt out …..he says he will always be here for me because he unconditionally loves me. He wont leave me because he needs me in his life.. I am his sweet spirit.. His light :) He suffers… with me. He has been here for me. He has been by my side the whole way through!

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  36. Emerson Neri 374 days ago

    This is the song that makes me imagine my bride entering the church on my wedding day :)

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  37. Jonathan 375 days ago

    This song is definitely about being there for someone in need or in trouble but the weight of giving the support can take its toll on us at the same time. Regardless, we will always be there for that person no matter what we are going through

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  38. Amanda schweinhart 380 days ago

    This song means to me.. Answers aren’t spoken but shown.. I’m thankful that questions don’t have to have words to be answered

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  39. I don’t usually comment on these things but i walked down the aisle to this song at my wedding last year. Up until the end of the first chorus anyway! I still get goosebumps when i hear it. Thank you for your beautiful music!

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  40. maylarossa 380 days ago

    Dear Sarah, I get this song…from the man..that I love. I love him so much… much..even I should change my whole world with his love.. I will do it. But…I can’t having his love…his heart…I don’t know why…but I am always hoping…someday…he will be mine. Even I should waiting for whole all my life…I am always love him…Waiting for he says….I love you, mamay.. and it will gonna be an ANSWER…for my destiny..

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  41. Anthony 382 days ago

    This song sends shivers down my spine. I love to listen to it when I’ve had a bad day because it instantly calms and soothes me. It talks about the deepest, most profound love possible that exists between 2 people. Through even the worst conditions that may surround them, their love will live on for eternity….

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  42. This song touches my deepest inner soul. My being.
    The power which is what keeps me a live. You’ve could
    n’t phrased it better:-)). It moves me to tears because of its BEAUTY. Thank you So much.<3

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  43. This song is very touching! !! It seems you will be by my side no matter the difficulty one goses through. Love to you sarah!!

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  44. I love everything Sarah makes, however this one is dear to my heart as I’ve always dedicated it to my son with autism. He is always burning bright. Love you J.

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  45. It means everything to me. When I listen to this song ,I was watching my favorite actress Jodie Foster ‘s film The Brave One , and this song came into my ear ,heart and mind just like bring the light into my darkness life. Ever time I feel upset and helpless I listen to it and free myself from crucial reality .

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  46. Carolyn Pitts 392 days ago

    LOVE these lyrics!

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  47. Annette 392 days ago

    Your Lyrics say it so well …‘Cause I can only tell you what I know
    That I need you in my life
    And when the stars have all burned out
    You’ll still be burning so bright…your music with me day or night ;-) xo,

    Thank you for always sharing, can’t wait to hear\see more videos and new songs ;-)

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  48. I played this song at my father’s funeral on the 17th September this year. I had not had a relationship with him for 20 years and had only seen him once in that time….. he made contact with him in June when I heard he was very ill – we reconnected and created some lovely memories. The ‘Answer’ is a song I have always been drawn to, but I never realized that it was going to able to so beautifully and accurately describe how my relationship with him.

    It was meant to be and in reflection time at the Funeral, this song was the only thing people could hear and it moved everyone. So incredible that I came across this site asking ‘what this song means to me’ …… Thanks for the beautiful music and the ability to use your songs to not only enjoy, but provide an opportunity for closure. Very much looking forward to your new album!

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  49. Michael 394 days ago

    Thank you for the gifts of your voice, music, loveliness, honesty, openness, courage, optimism, inspiring artistry, humility and determination.

    I have long loved your music, which has been sympathetic, wailing in common anguish, as well as comforting.

    Your lyrics here are of love, promise, hope, and yearning. However, the words/imagery of night, burning, fight, and your other songs are also evocative of other poetry and thoughtful prose for me.

    “Do not go gentle into that good night,
    Old age should burn and rave at close of day;
    Rage, rage against the dying of the light.” – Dylan Thomas


    The woods are lovely, dark, and deep,
    But I have promises to keep,
    And miles to go before I sleep,
    And miles to go before I sleep.
    - Robert Frost


    …I would like to beg you…as well as I can, to have patience with everything unresolved in your heart and to try to love the questions themselves as if they were locked rooms or books written in a very foreign language. Don’t search for the answers, which could not be given to you now, because you would not be able to live them. And the point is to live everything. Live the questions now. Perhaps then, someday far in the future, you will gradually, without even noticing it, live your way into the answer.
    Rainer Maria Rilke, 1903
    in Letters to a Young Poet


    Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding.
    Even as the stone of the fruit must break, that its heart may stand in the sun, so must you know pain.
    And could you keep your heart in wonder at the daily miracles of your life, your pain would not seem less wondrous than your joy;
    And you would accept the seasons of your heart, even as you have always accepted the seasons that pass over your fields.
    And you would watch with serenity through the winters of your grief.

    Much of your pain is self-chosen.
    It is the bitter potion by which the physician within you heals your sick self.
    Therefore trust the physician, and drink his remedy in silence and tranquillity:
    For his hand, though heavy and hard, is guided by the tender hand of the Unseen,
    And the cup he brings, though it burn your lips, has been fashioned of the clay which the Potter has moistened with His own sacred tears…

    When love beckons to you, follow him,
    Though his ways are hard and steep.
    And when his wings enfold you yield to him,
    Though the sword hidden among his pinions may wound you.
    And when he speaks to you believe in him,
    Though his voice may shatter your dreams
    as the north wind lays waste the garden.

    For even as love crowns you so shall he crucify you. Even as he is for your growth so is he for your pruning.
    Even as he ascends to your height and caresses your tenderest branches that quiver in the sun,
    So shall he descend to your roots and shake them in their clinging to the earth.

    Like sheaves of corn he gathers you unto himself.
    He threshes you to make you naked.
    He sifts you to free you from your husks.
    He grinds you to whiteness.
    He kneads you until you are pliant;
    And then he assigns you to his sacred fire, that you may become sacred bread for God’s sacred feast.

    All these things shall love do unto you that you may know the secrets of your heart, and in that knowledge become a fragment of Life’s heart.

    But if in your fear you would seek only love’s peace and love’s pleasure,
    Then it is better for you that you cover your nakedness and pass out of love’s threshing-floor,
    Into the seasonless world where you shall laugh, but not all of your laughter, and weep, but not all of your tears.
    Love gives naught but itself and takes naught but from itself.
    Love possesses not nor would it be possessed;
    For love is sufficient unto love.

    When you love you should not say, “God is in my heart,” but rather, “I am in the heart of God.”
    And think not you can direct the course of love, for love, if it finds you worthy, directs your course.

    Love has no other desire but to fulfill itself.
    But if you love and must needs have desires, let these be your desires:
    To melt and be like a running brook that sings its melody to the night.
    To know the pain of too much tenderness.
    To be wounded by your own understanding of love;
    And to bleed willingly and joyfully.
    To wake at dawn with a winged heart and give thanks for another day of loving;
    To rest at the noon hour and meditate love’s ecstasy;
    To return home at eventide with gratitude;
    And then to sleep with a prayer for the beloved in your heart and a song of praise upon your lips.

    - Kahlil Gibran, The Prophet.

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  50. don`t hope or even pray for,
    that a fair thing could happen
    to me in this lifetime,
    if is not your loving…….

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  51. Michelle 395 days ago

    still give me goosebumps – missing you – looking forward to your new album and tour – thanks for staying in touch and being you ; )

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  52. Richard 395 days ago

    Sarah! You always write from the heart. You have so much depth in your soul. Keep doing what you are doing. Love it.

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  53. Oh Sarah….you have no idea what this song means to me. I use to sing it to my first born when she relentlessly cried out for me in the night. I spent the first 8 months of her life nursing her every other hour around the clock. I surrendered to her needs and when I felt like I could not go on, I would sing her your song, Answer. I allowed myself to cry through the anguish and despair…. and then to realize that even though the night was so unkind, that I won’t break, I won’t bend, it will be worth it in the end. Cause I needed her in my life…(as well as she needed me). This song gave me the strength to carry on.
    Thank you a million times! xo

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    • Sarah in my life, has been soil for the seed that solidified much strength in motherhood, love, loss and Light!!
      I too raised my girls with the lyrics and kindred symbolism of her life to mine.
      Thank you Sarah for your openness to share your world through your music and most enchanting presence:)

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  54. Doug Stratton 396 days ago

    Being locked away for so long. I listened to this song, as I listened to all your songs, repeatedly for years. It’s my personal opinion that your “Afterglow” CD was the best ever! You have a God given gift, your music! And the way only you can sing. Sure, being locked away from the ones you love SUCKS! But it was your voice and choice of lyrics that helped me through it! Thank you! Much Luv!!!

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  55. Anita Goodwin 396 days ago

    btw I do sing along to all your songs.

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  56. Anita Goodwin 396 days ago

    This song me help through some of my darkest times. It was like you were holding me like baby saying all will be ok. Now I can give thanks to you for getting me through those times. hugs.

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  57. Wow. Personal fav of mine. It was there in my darkest moments. Inspired me to keep going and God gifted me with a beautiful son to light my darkness. Thanks Sarah for helping me survive.

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  58. Ed Rice 396 days ago

    It reminds me of how I feel about my daughter Alicia. I adore you Sarah xoxoxo.

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  59. Isabella Valentine 396 days ago

    I don’t usually verbally gush that way with people I haven’t at least had a few conversations with, so please forgive me if I came on too intense. In my heart, I feel I owe you so much personal gratitude. That is where it comes from.

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  60. When life brings turbulence upon you, look towards a higher power for warmth and safety to guide you like a lighthouse in the distance.

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  61. Isabella Valentine 396 days ago

    Sarah, I cast you gently into morning, and I will be there for you when the night has been kind or unkind. We smiled at each other in Portland and Seattle, after which I happily screamed “You Go Girl!” while you paused between lyrics which you broke into the most amazing smile at me, and that one little moment was a big big one for me. Your writings, your vocal style, your fearless nature and sense of health and humor are so admirable and inspiring to witness. I long to be your friend. The kind who is worth it in the end. As an artist and poet myself, your music reaches levels in my heart that have moved me. I love you so much. Your heart and spirit are soooo beautiful and comforting. There is so much to love about the loyalty in these lyrics. I won’t break, I won’t bend. We are flexible and strong like palm trees. If you ever want a traveling companion who wants to fan you with giant palm leaves, I’m your woman. *lesbian crush extraordinaire*

    32 f from Indiana here :)

    Loved your cameo in Portlandia with Aimee Mann. You’re so funny!!

    Oh please please do another Lilith Fair!


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  62. unfold your hands and release me
    your heart, again, I will find

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  63. donalyn 396 days ago

    I just love your lyrics Sarah… you really write from your heart and your voice is like an angel. This song means to me, Loving someone unconditionally, through the storms and happy times, being Married and having to remember the values that are at stake. :-)

    Hug | Like | Reply
  64. Aun sigo aquí, esperando una respuesta de tí. no sabes lo larga que se hace esta espera. tan solo una palabra me haría tan feliz , aun mantengo la esperanza de que algun dia obtendre mi respuesta. nose cuanto tiempo mas podre esperar sin bajar mis brazos , pero me aferro a que algun dia me responderas. con tan solo una palabra. eso me mantiene con los brazos en alto. la esperare. si supieras quien soy quizas mi historia seria distanta a muchas. soy una mujer sencilla que sigue tus pasos a distancia y que te ama , que llenas mi mente a minutos preguntandome que estaras haciendo? si supieras quien soy quizas seria todo distinto y mi respuest ya la habria obtenido, pero mantengo la esperanza y mis brazos continuan arriba . seguire esperando tan solo una palabra de tí..

    Hug | Like | Reply
  65. Love love love!
    Having that one person who will be there for you no matter what!

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  66. Adrian STARBLANKET 396 days ago

    I discovered this songs after 18 years of Foster Care, Listened to it while walking across Canada in Search for Family and Bio Sister, Living on Streets into Shelters then Reconnected with Bio Sister on Facebook in 2011 and throughout my Singer/Songwriter Journey…THANK YOU, This Song means SO Much.

    Hug | Like | Reply
  67. This song actually reminds me of my relationship with my wife. When we met…she was quite the drinker. And I noticed that she drank a lot… and if had an effect on our relationship. I told her I didn’t want to be with her if she was going to be drinking all the time. I told her that she was an amazing person-at that she could be amazing sober. And I told her I would wait for her to realize all of the wonderful things I already new.
    So…17 years later…we are still together. But it took at least 3-4 years to stop drinking.

    Hug | Like | Reply
  68. Charmaine W 396 days ago

    I’ve been listening to your music since I first discovered you in (eep!) high school (I think it was Ben’s Song that was so haunting & beautiful that it made me cry). Over the years, I find that many of your songs mean different things to me at different times in my life. All of them help me in so many inexplicable ways. I used to feel like “Answer” was how I felt about getting past the breakdown of my first marriage and falling in love with my present husband & the love of my life. But years later, this song is even more intensely personal to me. It’s exactly how I felt when I suddenly lost my twin babies when I was 21 wks pregnant. I did everything I could (& almost died) trying to save them, and I would have done anything for them if they’d only been able to stay with me. For years I was mired in hopelessness and depression and for a time, I felt like giving up and finally “choosing not to fight” anymore (this was very much against both my nature and religion). This song still makes me very emotional. But please keep writing, Sarah. You seem to understand everything…

    Hug | Like | Reply
  69. Cindy Neydt 396 days ago

    What a sensitive song, lovely. Looking forward for buying the new album.

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  70. Virginia Johnston-Dodds 396 days ago

    As someone who has held the hands of those who needed holding, your words ‘I wont break’ means to me that I can do it for you and I will do it for you. And when the night is at the darkest its the morning we long for. The daylight is our perspective and we regain the balance once again. Thank-you your music it is very inspiring. As a writer and poet I can really find the core of the emotion in your song. If it takes my whole life I wont break and I wont bend. Says love never fails.

    Hug | Like | Reply
  71. Sybille 396 days ago

    It is about a true love…could be a mother’a love for her child…or a close friend for another or lover’s undying expression of love. It is the unending, undying, always faithful expression of I WILL be there when you need.

    Hug | Like | Reply
  72. Rex a Stephens 396 days ago

    It means to me hope when I am feeling blue it means there is always something or some one to fall back on. It means there is still love or the concept of as it were in the world . Thanks for your joining of these words in this order to bring hope to many

    Hug | Like | Reply
  73. Dianna Williams 396 days ago

    Beautiful. Your music is amazing and has been a life saver to many veterans. My husband would listen to your music and it kept him alive and wanting to live on. When his ptsd is really acting up and he needs to calm down your music has been the only thing to calm him. While he was still in iraq and after he was injured to come home to be told he would not walk for long and end up in a wheelchair. He heard your music again and listened and has not stopped. It has been a blessing for your talent to give peace to so many veterans who need it deparately. Bless you
    Thank you for what you have given to millions of people.

    Hug | Like | Reply
  74. Stephen Mannoia 396 days ago

    No matter how impossible or difficult life may seem there is always someone who will be there for you to get you thru the bad times with their love for you

    Hug | Like | Reply
  75. Josefina Ferreira 396 days ago

    beautifullllllll, am always speechless when listening to this and other songs, They have a sense of spirituality and mystical aura, it is a source of inspiration for my dancing, touches my soul and a natural way of getting “high”. love your clips as well especially the one with the contemporary dancers… if ever you come to perform in Curacao, (Dutch small island, nxt to Aruba, but nicer (haha) in the carribbean) I’ll be sitting front row. My boyfriend introduced me to your music and I was in love with him and your songs right away. Are you coming?…every year we have around august/sept. the Curacao Northsea Jazz Festival and they never bring such distinguished artists like you, such a shame.. actually the only time I went was when Sting performed. I wish they invite you someday.. meanhwile enjoying your songs on cd’s ;-) so so beautiful . Thank you so much for the beautiful words and stay as beautiful as you are !

    Hug | Like | Reply
  76. Melissa R 396 days ago

    I thank God for the kind and gentle spirit that is you. 3 years now a widow and your songs are my savior

    Hug | Like | Reply
  77. Anna Phillips 396 days ago

    This song came out right around the time my Grandma passed away and every time I hear it I think of her sending this message to me, because I think of her as my guardian angel. Thank you for writing such beautiful lyrics.

    Hug | Like | Reply
  78. Elma O'Callaghan 396 days ago

    Sarah, I forgot to say… I was watching the Oz TV show, Wentworth Prison last night and this very song was featured at the end… I don’t believe in coincidence by the way ;-) Stay safe beautiful woman, Elma

    Hug | Like | Reply
  79. Elma O'Callaghan 396 days ago

    Sarah, When my partner Katie was dying of Ovarian cancer in 2007 this song became a mantra for me. “Take me to a place so holy that I can wash this from my mind” still makes me cry and your song ‘I love you’ made me bawl my eyes out when I first heard it in the 90′s. Most of the tears are happy, joyful ones though :-) . I think it’s the upsurge of emotions caused by such beautiful lyrics and sound. I have all your albums. I live in Belfast, Northern Ireland now and missed you when you came here some years ago and watch intently to see if you come back to Ireland. Take care and thank you infinitely for being who you are. Elma xxoxx

    Hug | Like | Reply

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  81. Geza Kovacs 396 days ago

    Simply amazing your wonderful performance and this gentle song. Going deep into my heart, my soul.. Your soft and skilled tone gives a splended joy. In love or sorrow I just listen to your songs always, like this one too. Thank you so much! I follow your songs and glad to hear about you :) Geza from Budapest, Hungary

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  82. Charlene Mitchell 396 days ago

    Thank you Sarah for all of your songs. Of course we all have our favorite songs of yours, but the great thing about your albums is I never buy it for just one song, like I use to for some musicians. I buy it for all of your songs! I love this song, sometimes it is hard for me to listen to it and other songs you have written because it reminds me of my daughter who died. But thank you, there is nothing greater than to sit and cry listening to a song that reminds you of someone you love and miss! The night was unkind to me….and I know that my life will be a journey of not breaking or bending…until the stars have all burned out. Thank you for sharing your soul in your music, I do honor and appreciate it.

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  83. thahoketoteh 396 days ago

    I have only known you for a little while and have not read this song until now. It is a beautiful take on love. It shows the power of undying love and how it will shine through a lifetime. Thank you for being a guiding light to many of us. Shine on Sarah

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  84. thomas tyree 396 days ago

    the song sara is eternal, its the mystery of living, of the good times,like when the wind caresses your hair and you know its god whispering the songs of the ages and its the hard times when the night seems so long and the pain is so great that tears will not wash them away, its about friendship thru the years you learn that friends will let you down but you wont bend your belief in life and love for love is eternal and carries a maternal love for her children,its about the grass that grows beneanth your feet, and the stars that gives us light in the night, its about you not giving up no matter what life brings,always thomas

    Hug | Like | Reply
  85. thomas tyree 396 days ago

    sara I have been a fan of yours for a long time, im going to start putting some of your song on my face book site, my face bokk sit is Thomas tyree I got it public so not only my friends can see it if you check out my sit I guess you can tell I like bob Dylan plus I pay guitar but my diabetetes is crippling not only my legs but my fingers, I tried playing one of my song I wrote I stopped in the middle of the song but enough about me, im going to buy your next record keep playing, ive got to stop now this typing is killing my fingers god bless you and my the anglels always help your voice sing like you do,always thomas

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  86. Sharmane Tan 396 days ago

    This song is beautiful in its entity, though I may not have gone through what the song actually means – the meaning the song, is so beautiful. To me, it is about a love so pure – one is willing to commit his or her whole self to the other. It struck me so hard in its brutal simplicity.
    It is about sacrifice, it is about the lengths you go to protect, to care for the one you love – “If it takes my whole life, I won’t break, I won’t bend”
    If it takes forever to care for someone, even if the road is riddled by hardships, he or she will do it for it is worth every single thing to see your loved ones be okay. For he or she is the light of your life, when the going gets tough, when people forsake you – you have each other to rely on. Thank you, Sarah for writing this.

    Hug | Like | Reply
  87. Randy Main 396 days ago

    Cause I can only tell you what I know That I need you in my life…Life .. it`s path and the one that fills the heart and soul at every step and who`s embrace makes every step worth taking and reaching for….the one whom without ..life is something less …

    Hug | Like | Reply
  88. Hi Sarah,

    I feel that Answer is a song about saving someone’s life! Since I have Cerebral Palsy my Mother and I almost died at birth.

    in 2009 my mother had cancer and she prays everyday that it does not come back!

    I just want to dance with her to Answer at my wedding to tell her how much I love her and to say Thank you!

    Darren Luhrs

    Hug | Like | Reply
  89. Joette McCarthy 396 days ago

    it reminds me of my one true love ,who i can never forget,and in the end i hope she will be there ,the first verse says it all ! so i wait ,we have been intertwined for 35 years ,would be a shame to not finish with it in our lives ,these songs always give me hope ,thank u! I I feel I’m the lucky one who has gotten to love so deeply and unconditionally !

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  90. This song is painfully, beautifully evocative of my most treasured romance; filled with passion, friendship, introspection, questions and ultimately loss, I nevertheless hold the memories of more than twenty years with this person so close to my heart. He was my first love, through high school, college, our young adult lives, trying and failing to have a baby, on and off we touched each other through the years deeply and inexorably.
    He is married now. I am getting married this month. To other people.
    Our “answer” is that we could never be what we both wanted: happy together. But the love, pure and honest and deep, remains.

    Hug | Likes (2) | Reply
  91. Chris Petrie 396 days ago

    A poetic look at wanting to be the answer for suffering. For someone or some thing. All suffering, even. It’s a strong emotion, we have all felt it. Children, especially feel this as they pass into young adulthood. Being the answer. And yes, I believe she can.

    She can

    On a hill top, just sitting
    Only then do I see
    how she can move me

    Through the woods, we wander
    I sense Wholeness
    in the touch of a hand

    And then I turn
    And then she’s gone
    I’m blind again
    I stumble on

    For she can change the world with a glance
    And nothing ever happens by chance

    Only when the moment
    Is where I am
    Will I step passed her form
    And understand

    Until then I’ll burn,
    will stumble, the fall
    The house of love
    Has many walls

    But only when these tired eyes
    Unmercifully are set alight,
    When they smolder, then blaze
    Then burn the night

    Yes only then shall I lose myself
    No yearning still to cast about
    When I cannot see in,
    and I cannot look out

    Or peer beyond her shifting walls
    Can she spread my ashes through her halls.

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  92. Paul Bunyan 396 days ago

    Unconditional and never ending love for another

    Hug | Like | Reply
  93. Daryl Harris 396 days ago

    I’ve always felt the song was about an abusive relationship where the one suffering the torment of the abuse holds out in hopes that things will get better and be they way they were. They still admire and love the other person and are willing to put all the bad stuff behind them. The question remains; when will the night ever not be so unkind?

    P.S. Thank you for writing such poingnant songs. They’ve brought me comfort on many occasions and contribute to the soundtrack of my life.

    Hug | Like | Reply
  94. Caroline kinred 396 days ago

    This song envelops me with a deep warm wave of memory and emotion.

    I had not long moved to Australia from England with my boyfriend and we and split, I was here all alone and so far away from my friends and family and used to listen to your music. You came out here and performed at the BEAUTIFUL Palace theatre, I was lucky enough to get front row centre (SINGLE SEAT!!!) and hear you perform this along with all of your amazing songs, your voice was breath taking and for those two hours I didn’t feel alone!!!

    I’m still in Australia, 11 years on with my own new family now, husband, beautiful baby girl and doggy and I cannot wait for your new music and tour here, I know you will. Caroline, Melbourne

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  95. Philip Vanderhoofven 396 days ago

    Means the World to me. I listened to Mirror Ball constantly when I was flying through a war Zone. She has no idea what this music means to me.

    Hug | Like | Reply
  96. Jhon Jensen 396 days ago

    Sarah, I’ve always love you music and caring ways!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  97. This song makes me think of many people in my life. With me saying these words to them and them saying them to me. God, Jesus, Blessed Mother, My Mom and Dad and all my other loved ones who have passed on are the ANSWER for me. I think of my son, my grandson, my family and friends and how much I need them in my life. I think of the love of my life, my wife. “If it takes my whole life I won’t break, I won’t bend”. Meaning to me that our love is the same as anybody else and I will fight to say it.. It’s true and real as theirs. “It’ll all be worth it in the end” . Thank you, Sarah for this song

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  98. Sarah,

    I chose this song for the first song my husband and I danced to at our wedding reception so every time I hear it now I think about my husband and our growing marriage.

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  99. hi sarra i really love your songs i love the way you have put it all together samtimes i get lost in it and very perfound emotions come out of my child hood its not good but , i have goten past it but it just shows how much you afeckt pepple in so menny ways its asome i love it i all ways whanted to learn how to play the guter but i have a learning delays that pervents me to be able to mimerrisery things, ill end here hope to here back from ya. senserly sharon reagan , buffie41@aol.com

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  100. When I listen to this song it’s as though a parent is reassuring their child that they will always be with them, even when they pass on. Makes me think of you Sarah and your mother.

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  101. This has been one of my all-time favorites of yours. I played it over and over when no else had noticed the song. :) It brings up sadness yet also spurs hope that you’ll never give up on a relationship you know is worth the pain it sometimes causes. Your lyrics so often express what I’m feeling… “We are screaming inside but we can’t be heard” thank you for that gift!

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  102. miranda 396 days ago

    This song is great. It has helped me during various sad moments in my life. Certainly at the time that my father had died.
    Thanks Sarah

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  103. this song reminds me of my best friend who lives quite far away. recently he had a spectacularly awful break up and we spent many nights on the phone…with him questioning why he should go on and me telling him that ‘i need you in my life’

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  104. I think it means that you have given someone space to make decisions and at the same time you are offering them comfort that you will be there for them. You are also saying that you want that person in your life. I love the verse “Cast me gently into the morning….”. I think thats the verse where you acknowledge how hard this situation is for you and you wish some peace for yourself.
    Beautiful songwriter Sarah, you are my all time favorite artist !

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  105. Bonjour : Pourquoi ne pas retransemettre tout ceci en français. Cela serait plus facile pour nous. Encore merçi. Mes amtiées à Sarah.

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  106. Cast me gently into morning
    For the night has been unkind some one to understand the pain of fibro
    thank you for all the music and song roger

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  107. Jesus’ undying love for me and you…

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  108. Rebecca Ackerman 396 days ago

    So funny this song has been posted up…..I hadn’t listened to this album in a while and got it out the other day and was listening to it in my car. This really is one of my fave songs on this album!!! To me it is just true love :)

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  109. i think i will send this lyric to my husband:)

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  110. Lajos Horváth 396 days ago

    Dear Sarah.
    Lovely voice you

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  111. Joan Of Art 397 days ago

    “Cast me gently into morning
    For the night has been unkind
    Take me to a place so holy
    That I can wash this from my mind”
    This verse concisely sums up my current life situation and sentiments. I just wish I knew who to say these words to, but it’s a wish I make in the wind and send out into the universe. To me, this is a song about a question, a request, a promise, and an answer. To self, to God, to a lover. Sarah writes MANY amazing songs that touch thousands if not millions of people. She speaks of vulnerability and strength of the woman in all of us. I love her music and lyrics, for so many reasons. So poignant and meaningful, lyrical, melodic, haunting, as music should be.

    Hug | Like | Reply
  112. Bruno peñaflor 397 days ago

    Oh yes! Please don’t let “that” feeling fade away Sarah, it’s so comfortable that make my feeling so strong and keep me going on. Thanks for sharing it. I wish you aaaall the luck in the World. ;-)

    Hug | Like | Reply
  113. Love the whole song, but especially this:

    “Cast me gently into morning
    For the night has been unkind”

    So emotional and vulnerable! Asking so little in return after being willing to give so much….

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  114. Quand mon père se battait contre son cancer qu’il nommait un alien, j’ecoutais énormément tes chansons car elles avaient toutes une signification à ce que je vivais et ressentais. Elles m’ont aidé à trouver la force pour accepter de laisser partir mon père. Rien que pour ça, ta voix et tes chansons restent pour moi un espace temps spirituel.
    Lorsque mon père s’appretait à nous quitter, je suis restée à son chevet 3 jours à lui tenir la main et à le veiller. Ces moments de vie si spécial dans une vie m’ont renforcé de l’interieur. J’ai partagé ses dernières heures et il n’a pas été seul face à l’inconnu. Merci Sarah pour ces textes et ta voix qui m’ont permis de tenir debout dans cette épreuve de la vie. Thank you.

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  115. Marie Smith 397 days ago

    I first heard this song during a period of extreme trouble and despair. The first verse made me realize God was with me and would help me get through it. The second was my response. It became an instant favorite. When I used to do my own shows I would sing it and sometimes the emotion would overpower me and the crowd. Beautiful, beautiful song! My voice couldn’t do it justice as Sarah’s does

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  116. Two people that should of been together from the start .

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  117. Such a beautiful song, and epitomizes how I feel about the loved ones close to me. And some of these words I’ve used to reassure them that they are never alone and in their darkest hours I will be the light that guides them back to sanity and peace. But I could never say it as beautifully as you have. Thank you.

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  118. Brad Leech 397 days ago

    Thanks for establishing this site. Love your songs. Maybe you could get other songwriters to do the same because I am always looking for accurate versions of the songs.

    Hug | Like | Reply
  119. Jael Ilana 397 days ago

    The impatient angst of a patient Aries in love with the consistent and evolving energy of a Taurean nature. The chronic internal turnover while maintaining the environment of love. Uncertain that this is a healthy mix, yet sensing its significance for both. Tears are spilling. It must work mutually, I am not a sacrifice. Patience, prayer and trusting as to wherever it takes me….

    Hug | Like | Reply
  120. this is one of the most beautiful songs ive ever heard, very hard to find on your albums so hard, think i bought them all looking for this song but never found it, i listen to it on utube once in a while as deeply love it <3 thank you bless :)

    Hug | Like | Reply
    • very hard to find on your albums ..so far… i ment lol cheers <3 :)

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  121. I have been listening to you for the past 22 years I think! This song is one that spoke to me as so any of them do. I think having gone through some very painful times of life’s lessons and losses I found comfort in this song. Knowing sometimes we are stronger than we can imagine .
    Thank you Sarah for the many many hours you have filled the empty space around me. And now on this side of all the messes I still love every song and look forward to many more .

    Hug | Like | Reply
  122. Mary Anne 397 days ago

    For me this song is extremely meaningful. When I was living in Vancouver, B.C.back in 2004, during a marital separation, I listened to and learned Answer by ear on the piano. It helped me feel that I was not alone, that there was still light somewhere – even if I could not feel it, or hold my balance. My favorite lines are “Cast me gently into morning, For the night has been unkind . . . Take me to a place so holy, That I can wash this from my mind.” For me, these words represent leaving horrible trauma and gathering myself into a place of newness, of sanctification. It isn’t exactly religious, but definitely spiritual to me. I admit that I fantasized that there was an actual person in my life who cared about me this much, and it helped. Thank you for this beacon of a song, Sarah! I still return to it often.

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  123. Sounds like a vow of dedication of two people for each other through thick and thin, these people are each others enduring anchor of tranquility against the unending storms of life, til the end.

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  124. Lora Parlapiano 397 days ago

    Sarah here is a poem I wrote i hope u all like it it got published internationally
    Do you really want to leave?
    For I can’t let you go?
    I love you more, more than you will ever know
    And at your darkest moment
    When all hope seemed so gone
    It would be the pain in me that would always linger on, So in your darkest moment think back to memories past, and hold onto that feeling and always make it last
    Look back at me, I see you there
    Through the mornings dew and the midnight air
    I know you could not forget all that we shared
    Am I losing you? I feel you slipping away with each passing moment reminds me of yesterday,
    In silent revelry
    It’s all my heart can take and I’m reaching but, your already gone, and how my heart does break
    The soft sullen moments of yesterday are just a memory of a life I used to know
    Now, memories are replaced by a gentle breeze of what was once our love!

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  125. Jack Behme 397 days ago

    What’s far more important to me is how much this song really means to Sarah and what it means to her.

    Hug | Like | Reply
  126. When I read these lyrics I feel that it represents the ending of a loved ones time here on earth. I love your songs and have seen you live. Your music is so beautiful.

    Hug | Like | Reply
  127. Lora Parlapiano 397 days ago

    Dear Sarah,
    I am a writer and I believe this song is about love that is lost and reuniting with that love and the hope and the belief in everlasting love like an eternal flame burning and the hope that comes from believing and the strength that another person has to endure the loneliness and all life’s temptations but the absolute strength and resolve in believing in that love!

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  128. Jolene Borell 397 days ago

    When I have listened to these lyrics in the past, they resonated true love to me, and the idea of being so committed to someone that you are always a rock for them, and that they love you in return. However, as I am reading it tonight, it occurs it me that it could also be interpreted in a spiritual way, that God is always our rock and He can bring light out of any dark moment in life.

    Sarah, you are an amazing song writer, thank you for sharing your talents with the world!

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  129. Bjorn Dwarika 397 days ago

    The significant other is the answer to complete a couple’s life. : )

    Hug | Like | Reply
  130. Hlima Pachuau 397 days ago

    The lyrics, the tune and everything about this song is perfect

    Hug | Like | Reply
  131. cary gerner 397 days ago

    I used to have a big door poster of you. You are still so beautiful.

    Hug | Like | Reply
  132. Maggie Menchaca 397 days ago

    To me, I think this song is about having had a big disagreement with a very close friend, one so badly that it could end up ending the friendship. But… you Sarah (because you wrote it), are willing to give it time to blow over and wait until things can be explained or discussed until both feel that their side was heard.
    I also think that this similar idea can be applied to a really bad night with one of your children. You know how some nights our kids just lose it? And what ever the issue is, it is important enough to the parent to be consistant in knowing that it is for their own good, and eventually (meaning YEARS later), the much older child will understand where you as the mother was coming from for holding down the line on whatever the issue was.

    Hug | Like | Reply
  133. Song For A Friend
    I’ll be your port in any weather
    I’ll be the light that guides you in
    Whether or not we stand together
    I’ll be your friend until the end

    We hold our hearts back for tomorrow
    Hoping they’ll never have to mend
    Through all the laughter and the sorrow
    I’ll be your friend until the end

    You’ll never have to ask me for my hand
    It’s always been there by your side
    It will be waiting if you cannot stand
    Or if you lose the will to try

    You’ll never look to far to find the truth
    It’s always been there in my eyes
    They will be waiting here to answer you
    Just like the heavens in the skies

    Don’t know of any place that’s warmer
    Than in the arms that you extend
    So hold me now until forever
    I’ll be your friend until the end

    your lyrics reminded me of this

    Hug | Like | Reply
  134. The message I would like to leave to you is, I admire your work. Its truthful and warm. We played your music at my friends funeral who died in 2008 of ALS. I sing to ur music as I cry in memory of him. Youve played in my city, but either I cant make it or afford it:-( but I am always listening praying to my friend everyday. Thank you for your talent.

    Sincerely: carley

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  135. I love your music and always have, ever since “Solace”. I know every song and every bum since. If you ever need a female singer songwriter to open for a festival like Lilith let me know! I’d love to open for you!!

    Hug | Like | Reply
  136. Randy Lopez 397 days ago

    It means to me that you can be the support that is needed by the one you love! Even when the person doesn’t see it. And sometimes when they don’t deserve it! It also has a tinge of that defeatist knowledge that you know you’re right, but all hope is gone!

    Hug | Like | Reply
  137. Chental Wilson 397 days ago

    For me this song makes me think of my spirit and me as the human in me struggles with uncertainty my spirit will hold the light and love for me to know for sure that I’m a spiritual being just experience being human so all is good. I can relax
    Thanks Sarah xxxx

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  138. That I won’t live the rest of my life alone. As I have done my whole 46 years of this life. Finally there is someone who chooses to be with me even when times get tough and I’ve had a hard day. Though I may wonder how long before you walk away and leave me alone again.

    Dearest Sara, Thank you for your music and the strength songs like this one give me when I need it most, for you are the light that shines in my star filled sky as I feel this song…. and wish…. Forever yours, Todd

    Hug | Like | Reply
  139. Answer: could be a number of things…
    1. A letter to yourself {realizing … that YOU … are the answer}
    2. A letter to God. {Asking for …the… Answer. Or acknowledging that God is your star. But maybe…asking God to take you to heaven}
    3. The voice of God. {ie. Written from God’s perspective}
    4. A conversation. {bw you and God}
    5. A thought {A person contemplating suicide}

    Hug | Like | Reply
  140. Adrienne Burmeister 397 days ago

    After ending an unhealthy 18 year marriage to a man I am now living my “happily ever after” with my female partner and each of our 2 children. Early in our relationship I introduced her to your music. Each song seemed more meaningful than tbe last. We have faced such extreme challenges and I love to play this to her as I vow to love her and support her always. It’s my promise to her :)

    Hug | Like | Reply
  141. This song gives me faith, hope and purpose in this crazy, beautiful life of mine. If my beautiful canine furkid Ice could speak, this is exactly what he’d say <3 Living with physical and learning disabilities this world at times seems so foreign to me. I'm very smart I just happen to interpret the world very differently than most people. It can get isolating and lonely but having Ice with me and songs like this make the journey worth it. Thank you Ice and thank you Sarah xxooo

    Hug | Like | Reply
  142. Trisha Hull 397 days ago

    I have been listening to this song since I first bought the album. It has helped me cope in some of the toughest times in my life. When I am looking for reasons why I play this song on repeat until my heart doesn’t hurt anymore. I recently lost my best friends brother who I had known for over 20 years. Prior to that I sat on the death bed of another friends mother as she took her last breath losing her battle with cancer. What this song did for me both times was to make me remember that bad things do happen. Tragic things happen. But when you are able to look to music for an answer, you can find it. Answer has given me just that. Thank you so much for writing such a powerful song. I downloaded an instrumental version on my phone and I sing it in my car whenever I need help coping with something whether tragic or if I’m having a hard day. I hope someday I am able to sing it in public so I can share it with those who need an answer. This particular weekend was tough. A good friends son was in a horrible traffic accident and woke up this morning from his coma. However his grandmother while at the hospital had a stroke two nights ago and passed away. This will be a hard week. But I plan to look again to your song as I commute to work in the morning to help me through my day. Thank you again. You have given us the answer in song. I love you and I love your music. I cherish every song I sing of yours.

    Hug | Like | Reply
  143. it’s an invitation. you’re the harbour and I search for your shores. You are my rock … but you need me too. You’ve ached through this night … but now you’re hoping that …midnight is pregnant with dawn….and her day break takes the night’s breath away. ~ email me Sarah … I’ve got more … and I’d love to work with you :)

    Hug | Like | Reply
  144. Jody Townsend 397 days ago

    Waiting and wanting the one who doesn’t see the one for him has been here the whole time

    Hug | Like | Reply
  145. Aaron F. 397 days ago

    I’ve been a stepfather of three for 12 years. It hasn’t been easy. What’s worse is that my wife and I failed three times trying to conceive through tubal reversal and in vitro procedures. “Answer” is like my sub-conscious telling me that in the end, the kids Do love me even though we don’t see eye-to-eye on things. Kind of odd, seeing as how I’m the only father figure in their lives. They come to me when they need help, and I come to their aid, despite the hurt I’ve been put through. I do love them like they’re my own.

    Hug | Like | Reply
  146. Laura Lillicotch 397 days ago

    It’s two people talking about their relationship. The first person is stating he or she is supportive of the other no matter what. The second person is stating he or she won’t give up in the face of extreme disparity.

    Hug | Like | Reply
  147. KK KIREN 397 days ago

    KInda life line of Inner hope that humanity retains the scope for true selfless love within the subtle transience of life. It does exist in the form of the old world sentiments we have wherein humane attitudes and values overcome the base animal instincts and effect permanency into true relationships. Think this is more so in the psyche of women -but with upbringing it exists in every person. My tribute to my mom whom I lost at age 9 still is as fresh as ever. Care to watch? The lyrics are in the about(description) of this amateurish one time recording (playback) God bless . http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tP6WGNh2_C0

    Hug | Like | Reply
  148. It makes me think of how I felt about my kids and the depth of my love for them while my relationship with their other parent was unraveling. Too many unkind nights and choosing not to fight, but ultimately to walk away to such a better place. Sarah, no one says it like you!

    Hug | Like | Reply
  149. Jeffrey 397 days ago

    For me, the meaning of this song is that there will always be this one person that will come in our lives that no matter how dark and hard the situation is,that they will always be there for us. To guide us in every step of the way, to be the light and shining path out of darkness. They are the reason of our very existence because they are our source of strength. Their love is what keeps our heart beating. They give purpose to our soul, and that is “to touch one’s soul by the loving kindness one has to another”.

    Hug | Like | Reply
  150. April Caserta 397 days ago

    This was the song my husband and I danced to as our first dance as husband and wife.. :-) Sarah’s music has been pivotal in my life, as well as in our relationship. We absolutely love her and her music! No one else will ever compare! Looking forward to seeing her in November in Dayton, OH!! ♥♡♥♡

    Hug | Like | Reply
  151. jose luis ortega 397 days ago

    Has tocado la historia de mi vida gracias sarah gracias por escribir tan dulce y vibrar las cuerdas de mi alma con tu musica y tus letras eres un angel

    Hug | Like | Reply
  152. I have always been a fan of sarah since the early 90s when I was in high school. I first heard of this song when it was featured in a soundtrack of a movie Jodie foster was in. It wasn’t long when my mom died suddenly of cirrhosis. It was last song I sang and played for her during the funeral.

    Hug | Like | Reply
  153. I stood by waiting while my husband of 23 years lost himself and everything that we had. Almost 10 years went by while he floundered and sank to his deepest depths. I was there but not physically, I told him that I would be there when he finally pulled himself up. This did happen but he threw himself at another woman, still I was there. Now we live together but still physically apart because there is no one else for me. It has been 42 years, I am happy living my life, maybe someday…

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  154. It means making the ultimate sacrifice for the one you love. I absolutely love this song.

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  155. This song is one soulmate speaking to the other, lifetime commitment and love

    Hug | Like | Reply
  156. Barbara 397 days ago

    This song was with me during the darkest time of my life and helped me make it through. Thank you, Sarah, for this song and so many others that always seem to express just how I’m feeling during all the different chapters of my life.

    Hug | Like | Reply
  157. This has always felt like two stories blended into one song to me. Both beautiful and raw. Love isn’t always glamorous, but it’s still real.

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  158. I suffer from PTSD and this song gets me through my darkest days. Days where I feel I can’t go on, I listen andknow that I’m not alone. This song represents strength, it represents hope, and healing. This song keeps me safe.

    Hug | Like | Reply
  159. Mike Young 397 days ago

    It reminds me how important my relationship is and that no matter what adversity there is. And no matter who deserts me my husband will be there ‘burning bright’.

    Hug | Like | Reply
  160. christopher white 397 days ago


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  161. There is no other soul in this planet that with her voice sounds so much like pure love.

    Hug | Like | Reply
  162. christa jensen 397 days ago

    Thst I will be there for you, no matter what.

    Hug | Like | Reply
  163. Adriana Gonzalez 397 days ago

    The night my daughter was born, I sat up all night singing to her. I named her Sarah. This was one of the songs I sang. When she was twenty months old, she diagnosed with leukemia. As she fought her cancer for the next four years, one of the things that brought her comfort is when I would sing. My daughter died on April 17, 2013 at the age of five. Every day since has been a struggle for me, and this is one of the songs that gets me through. Thank you so much for writing it!

    Hug | Like | Reply
    • Thank you for sharing this short touching story of your ange….

      Hug | Like | Reply
    • So touching. Wish I had words to help you feel better. I’m sure you cherish the time you had together.

      Hug | Like | Reply
    • Thank you for your story. I wish you peace and comfort.

      Hug | Like | Reply
  164. suyupie 397 days ago

    I wish I had someone like that is my life.

    Hug | Like | Reply
  165. Samantha Dobos 397 days ago

    Responses to answer … Clever

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  166. Samantha Dobos 397 days ago

    I do love this song ahm.

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  167. Maverick 397 days ago

    At the moment of my separation, I was alone with my 3 little children! What keep me going was there love, there little hearts that needed love back. They didn’t see there father as much. I felt, well, I knew, I was pretty much the only person they had left!! That was the reason I keep on going. If they wouldn’t been there… Sadly, I probably wouldn’t be here! My health was at it’s lowest, I was exhausted. That song, reminded me how much I had to get better and get my head out of water to become the mother they deserved! And that what did. This song reminds me of who I am to them and how much they mean to me, how I love them. Even when it’s hard. I keep doing my best and being my best for them! Then I realized who I really am. I love them more then life itself!
    Thanx ;)

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  168. This is a relationship song. One of love and love lost and the hope of love being found again!

    Hug | Like | Reply
  169. Tina Amore 397 days ago

    When my younger sister was 16 she tried to take her own life. While in the hospital, I wrote out these lyrics to her along with a letter telling her how important she was to me. To this day, she still remembers the words to this song and how much they meant to her. This will always be one of my favorite Sarah songs.

    Hug | Like | Reply
  170. Matt D. 397 days ago

    This song is an homage to the bonds of love that bind me to myself and to others. it reaffirms that love of that nature – of that strength – is as much a part of me as my breath or my voice or the invisible miracle of my DNA. It reminds me that, having felt that love, I am incapable of ever feeling truly alone. It makes me want to give that kind of love to others – to friends, to clients, to strangers, to “the poor, the injured, the forgotten, the voiceless, the defenseless, and the damned” that I have vowed to protect.

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  171. This song is my commitment to my girlfriend to stand by her, for everyday the barriers come down. Thank you for putting my thoughts and feelings to music

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  172. Steve Strassner 397 days ago

    I love this song. not only is it a great love song it’s also a great friendship song I have sent the song to my friends tell her what she means to me

    Hug | Like | Reply
  173. Kris Citrano 397 days ago

    Going through a lot of changes and challenges at home. Things haven’t been “right” for a while. I’m not giving up though. Something better is coming. I’m just having faith and believing that. Love is all we need and I keep telling myself and everyone else the same thing “it will all be worth it in the end”. We’re enduring so much now, and these are trying times, but we’re headed for a better place.

    Hug | Like | Reply
  174. Toni Anderson 397 days ago

    Meaning is the key and it can change in a heartbeat… I had a horrific loss of a friendship last year. We experienced a malevolent intrusion, a stranger, into what was what we believed to be by us, as the closest sisterhood we had ever been lucky enough to experience. And this other person tore us apart. MAde us question our very existence. This song had until this time been just a beautiful song to me. Never thinking I would ever “need” it or relate… until my heart was ripped in two. It was everything I wanted to say to her. But wasn’t being allowed. I was broken and sadly I had given up.
    We spent a year apart. Coming to our senses just this February. And realizing no stranger can tear what we had apart forever.

    This line still brings tears to my eyes. and a pain to my heart.

    ‘Cause I can only tell you what I know
    That I need you in my life
    And when the stars have all burned out
    You’ll still be burning so bright”

    You brought us together Sarah. You helped nurture our sisterhood. And ultimately you helped us through a very dark time.

    Thank you for being the resounding voice in my life. I really don’t know what I would do without you. <3 -Toni

    Hug | Like | Reply
  175. carrie clark 397 days ago

    This says to ne is bo matter what god is there and brings light at the in of the day, when its time you will mean with the loving embrace that you be home… my though… good lyrics

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  176. This song will always be near and dear to me. I lost my father unexpectedly from a short battle of lung cancer. At the time, we did not know he was ill. We thought he had pneumonia so he went to the ER looking for answers. While he was there, the dr told him he had a two week life expectancy due to having Stage 4 lung cancer. We couldn’t believe it. I didn’t know how to feel or what to say. This song did it all for me during this time. It was my outlet and the voice I needed to get me through something I did not understand and did not have answers for. So, my dad passed a month later at the age of 54, the day after my mom’s birthday. This song got me through the battle, gave me the courage to sign his DNR, and the message that got me through the depression I faced. Needless to say, there is a tattoo of an Angel on my right shoulder in memory of my dad, with part of the songs lyrics in it.

    Hug | Like | Reply
  177. Stephanie 397 days ago

    this makes me think of someone who i really had a spark with at one point in time, but given different life paths we parted and never acted on what could have been…this makes me think about the possibilities of what could have been with that person. and, it makes me of just letting be what is. “choosing not to fight”, but knowing that “it will all be worth, worth in the end”. it’s like once you have something with someone, it will always be there, no matter what…even though i choose a different path from my person, if we met again, there would still be something.

    Hug | Like | Reply
  178. Pilar Gonzalez 397 days ago

    One of my favorits, remind me of my wedding vows and how much I love my husband that I always will be there for him and for my family.

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  179. This was the song I walked down the aisle to at my wedding. I was his answer and he was mine. So full of meaning. Sarah and I share a birthday. Kindred spirits.

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  180. After a struggle to become and stay pregnant we are currently waiting to deliver our baby(as i type) and the fact that this popped up on my feed made me smile because of the pain it takes to get to joy at times in life. Love to you Sarah!

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  181. Reminds me of God, sorry if that offends someone. But He’s the only one that has been there for me!!!

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  182. Every time I listen to this song it is my SOUL speaking to me threw the depths of despair. Hang in there. You’re worth it. This too shall pass. It always does. Have faith. I am your strength. You will shine bright in the end. You always do. It’s just sometimes – you don’t see it like I do ;-)

    Hug | Like | Reply
    • christa jensen 397 days ago

      Couldn’t have said that better. Amazing. Thank you for sharing.

      Hug | Like | Reply
  183. Hanna Sherman 397 days ago

    My friend told me one day this was her favorite song. I knew the song, like all of Sarah’s songs, but it wasn’t a favorite. I didn’t hate it, I didn’t love it. Indifferent, I guess.
    In June of last summer I was sexually assaulted. It made me feel used, worthless, quilty, afraid, confused, & ashamed. Many feelings that, unfortunately, I still struggle with today. The night after it happened, as you can imagine, my mind was racing with so many thoughts & questions. I had a very hard time sleeping & was desperately seeking some comfort.
    Sarah has a soothing, tranquil sound & I decided that if all else fails, she will lull me to sleep. The song opens with the signature piano sound that is familiar with a lot of Sarah songs. It was relaxing & pretty sounding, so I kept it on.
    I had heard the song before, but being assaulted seemed to give me a newfound connection to it…It gave me a new disposition.
    When I heard Sarah say in the beginning of the track “I will be there for you while you take the time. In the burning of uncertainty I will be your solid ground” I felt a wave of comfort wash over me. What she was saying seemed to fit so perfectly with what I was feeling. I didn’t want to tell anyone I was assaulted right after it happened because I wanted just a little more time to weigh the consequences beforehand. It felt like Sarah was telling me it was okay, it was okay to take my time. With the uncertainty of how other people would react, she would be my solid ground.
    It seems strange that a complete strange could make me feel comfortable in a place of despair…But that’s what Sarah does best.
    “Cast me gently into morning for the night has been unkind. Take me to a place so holy, that I can wash this from my mind. The memory of choosing not to fight…”
    I wanted sleep. I wanted to make the gentle transition into morning. The night was unkind. I wanted the memory of being assaulted to be washed away. I felt quilty for not, in my opinion, trying hard enough to fight.
    The song didn’t make me happy, no. It made me feel comfortable & connected. Sarah made me feel like I would be okay. Answer was able to comfort me enough that I fell asleep with the song on repeat that night & many many nights after.
    Hearing this song changed the way I thought of Sarah’s music. This song became my solace & I appreciated her presence as an artist. I love that she gave me that comfort.

    Hug | Like | Reply
    • I love that this song touched you and helped to soothe you as you were deciding how to move forward and how to heal from such a horrific experience.

      Hug | Like | Reply
  184. Tania Kuhn 397 days ago

    I dedicated this song to my daughter, Maya. I used to sing it to her every night before bedtime. She is young and has so many experiences ahead of her. The lyrics describe my feelings for her so perfectly, that she can always count on me and that I will be her safety net as she finds her own way in this world.

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  185. This song reminds of every person I loved that died and how I know they walk with me everyday.

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  186. marcelina lizarazo 397 days ago

    hermoso tema, me encanta, bella voz , maravilloso ese timbre de voz es unico en sarah.

    Hug | Like | Reply
  187. Kathy Hills 397 days ago

    No doubtful question of being there for someone or even being there for yourself, almost felt religious.

    Hug | Like | Reply
  188. Cathleen 397 days ago

    The minute I heard this song i knew we would play it at our wedding and we did. At the time it meant so much because I almost lost my husband in a motorcycle accident. Now it means even more now because we have been through so much together since then, being blessed with one son and then having five miscarriages. It is very meaningful to me!

    Hug | Like | Reply
  189. What the song means to me or how it helped me get through a rough time in my life are two different things. Many times I’ve listen to your music and I gravitate to certain phrases and words that might give meaning and understanding of what it is I’m battling. Mirrorball was the one album that I listen to constantly and felt every song was a helpful way to ease some pain and also gave back that pain cause the songs were so personal to me. Love ya. And thank you for the music !!

    Hug | Like | Reply
  190. I believe everyone has their own path to walk and no one can walk it for them. For me, at this moment in my life, I believe the lyrics speak to the inner self. It is an affirmation that “At the end of the line,” I will be there for you. I don’t think it is literally one person talking to another (which is probably the most common thought process). We are all at different stages in our lives so the meaning is different for everyone: for everyone’s journey is different and not for other’s to understand.

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  191. Jessica Daisey 397 days ago

    The first time I heard this song I knew I would play it at my wedding someday (I just didn’t know if or when someday would happen). Then on May 4, 2013 I walked down the aisle toward my future husband to this song. It was the perfect day and the perfect memory. We got married at Walt Disney World’s Wedding pavilion and I will never forgot the feeling when they opened the doors for me to walk down the aisle at the moment you started singing “I will be the answer”. I barely held it together as my brother walked me down towards him (wiping away the tears himself) all with Cinderella’s castle as our backdrop. Your music as meant so much to me over the years and has gotten me through some awful times and taken some of the best times to a whole new level. Thank you for being part of the soundtrack to my life.

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  192. ela rody 397 days ago

    Utter commitment, true love & deepest friendship

    Hug | Like | Reply
  193. Richele Jansen 397 days ago

    Seems very one sided. Sounds like an abusive relationship that the woman is somehow committed to. ‘I can only tell you what I know…that I need you in my life And when the stars have all gone out… You’ll still be burning so bright (sounds like he’s great sex but only in the morning) For the night has been so unkind (abusive at night)

    Just saying…

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  194. Answer describes everything about the one relationship I’ve had that means the most. It gives me hope that he will someday come around and recognize what we had/have. I need him in my life and I will forever be there for him. As I wait, I will listen to the lyrics over and over. Ty Sarah.

    Hug | Like | Reply
    • This song reminds me of how much I loved someone in my past,and how he walked away without a word. No goodbye no answers. I had to struggle to keep from being homeless and I did some terrible things to get money. Still today, he won’t talk to me or explain. My heart will never heal until I have an answer. I have began to forgive myself for my past, but it follows me daily.

      Hug | Like | Reply
  195. Very difficult to judge your work Sarah. I have been in love with it so long I take it for granted that all that you do is excellent. When I see even a picture of you my heart swells. Your name alone races through my mind and knows not which way to turn but flashes back and forth in my thought. Your beautiful face is enough, and yet you are so much more. If I could see your footprints in the snow, I could not take my eyes off of them. Answer, enough?

    Hug | Like | Reply
  196. This is a beautiful song I think of my dad who died November of last year and my mom who passed 18 years ago that no matter what keep moving forward believe in what is good. Someday we will see our loved ones who are gone but in our hearts and thoughts.

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  197. Kevin LeDuke 397 days ago

    This song is very special to my husband and I. We played it at our wedding.

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  198. I love your smile and will love to meet you… You are sooooooo… Classy

    Hug | Like | Reply
  199. A love that will never die. Even if we can’t be with the one we love.

    Hug | Like | Reply
  200. This song and sarahs voice gives me peace! It reminds me not to give up in my marriage, and the struggle to keep up happily together, my husband is passing through a hardware time in his health and i Want to be always supporting him

    Hug | Like | Reply
  201. Alexandre A. Neves 397 days ago

    Amo muito as suas músicas, elas me transportam ao mundo de sentimentos e de amor. Maravilhosa!

    Hug | Like | Reply
  202. Beautiful lyrics of love and commitment.

    Hug | Like | Reply
  203. Ali Gunther 397 days ago

    Beautiful words… Brings me to think of someone in my past. Thank you

    Hug | Like | Reply
  204. Brandie 397 days ago

    Your music has been a friend to me. Always there when I need it. Always putting into words what I can’t say :)

    Hug | Like | Reply
  205. It’s my husband speaking to me after 30 years of marriage and many trials but knowing that he loves me and he knows I’m sensitive and he still loves me. He’s done a few things that have hurt me, but I forgive him and he loves me. We are just humans trying to make it together in life.

    Hug | Like | Reply
  206. I listened to this song while grieving my miscarriage, it reminded me that God was with me during this terrible time. The lyrics reminded me to keep going to keep hope and that I was not alone.

    Hug | Like | Reply
  207. This evokes an ongoing 8 year love story between
    me and the love of my life. It all started the night of
    my 30th birthday. I was at a womens party with a
    friend when she walked into my life. It was as if the
    whole world stopped and it was just us in the room.
    She and I have passes in out of eachothers lives, as
    we are speaking again. I have never felt someone without touching them the way I have with her. This song reminds me of how the universe brings us back to
    the ones who needs us no matter how much time has
    passed by.

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  208. I’ve been listening to this song a lot since my boyfriend of four years ended our relationship. I feel he is the one but he needs time to be alone so this song always comes to mind. Maybe someday I will move on but right now I am there for him in the background. And when he ended it I chose not to fight to get him back. I knew it would be pointless even if I wanted to.

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  209. Seemed often to me a soulful connection between 2 best friends when one struggles and passes and transcending and strength

    Hug | Like | Reply
  210. Rick Peregoy 397 days ago

    Two things…I don’t think that it is a bad thing for lyrics to be ambiguous to people other than the author in some cases…

    Also, the holidays are coming and so how about if Winter Song somehow gets more air play than having to hear Faliz Navidad every 7th song!

    Hug | Like | Reply
  211. Charles Field 397 days ago

    To me this song means the love and commitment between two people who will be there for each other until the end of their lives. Sometimes one falls and the other picks that person up and sometimes its the other way around. The intimacy between two people as they live many trials and tribulations together brings them closer and closer as they both try to make it to the end. Things often look better in the morning but people have to get through the night of whatever trials come their way. And we need each other badly when things happen to help us hold on until we recover enough to stand on our own two feet again. A strand has many chords in it and the closer knit community that we can all build together, the stronger we all will be. Thank you Sara for your many inspiring songs that often help me get through the night.

    Hug | Like | Reply
  212. Chuck Field 397 days ago

    To me this song means the love and commitment between two people who will be there for each other until the end of their lives. Sometimes one falls and the other picks that person up and sometimes its the other way around. The intimacy between two people as they live many trials and tribulations together brings them closer and closer as they both try to make it to the end. Things often look better in the morning but people have to get through the night of whatever trials come their way. And we need each other badly when things happen to help us hold on until we recover enough to stand on our own two feet again. A strand has many chords in it and the closer knit community that we can all build together, the stronger we all will be. Thank you Sara for your many inspiring songs that often help me get through the night.

    Hug | Like | Reply
  213. Deborah 397 days ago

    One of my favorites. Listened to it so many times during tough times. I LOVE the line “cast me gently into morning for the night has been unkind”. LOVE your music!!

    Hug | Like | Reply
  214. Rene B. 397 days ago

    This is one song that I am able to sing without you! It means a lot to me. But mostly my choice to always back away from fighting with my husband. I am presently leaving that abusive relationship and there have been too many unkind nights in a relationship that should have been based in love.

    Hug | Like | Reply
  215. Chris Butler 397 days ago

    I think this song, and many other songs that, were performed by, you Sarah has meant a lot to me because, of your wisdom that you cherish. And your wisdom is something, I admire you for.

    Hug | Like | Reply
  216. Debbie Rex 397 days ago

    When I listen to Answer I think the true meaning of friendship the kind that endures differences, bad choices, and different paths we may each take. Not always agreeing, Feeling frustrated but always there for that friend helping them to find the right path.

    Hug | Like | Reply
  217. Don Laidlaw 397 days ago

    Well this is tough as I do not know if you (Sarah) ever see any of the fan comments! I have commented before on the notion that you are my “Kraft Dinner” (the food I embraced. loved and was by my side through University), but also that you and your power of human gathering of spirit could potentially help with saving the Great Bear Rainforest in British Columbia and the Spirit Bear. Your songs, music and lyrics have been so extremely instrumental in my own personal development as well that I continue to try and find ways to get to you as a person of the West Coast…

    Hug | Like | Reply
  218. BRETT DAVIS 397 days ago


    Hug | Like | Reply
  219. Shannon 397 days ago

    This song helped me stay strong in my Military career when I struggled to remain close to God and still meet the demands of my missions.

    Hug | Like | Reply
  220. Home.

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  221. Carla Chalkley 397 days ago

    Your music saved me during some of my darkest times but this song celebrated the best day of my life. We played this song during the lighting of the unity candle for our wedding. Thank you for being you.

    Hug | Like | Reply
  222. I learned that in healing from childhood trauma and abuse, to love and comfort that child like you would your own. This song really hit h

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  223. BRETT DAVIS 397 days ago


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  224. It’s about god. Not the biblical god, but the real one.

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  225. This song means a lot to me! I had a horrible childhood and it is what I would now say to the child I was.

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  226. I’ve battled an eating disorder for more than ten years. I don’t know if I can adequately put into words what this song has meant to me. I listen to it as a conversation between my healthy self and the scared, weak, child who needs something more than her eating disorder to get through life. This song brings me hope and solace. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Xx

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  227. I love how you say ‘about’

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  228. Adriana 397 days ago

    Revelation – That is what this song represents to me.

    First time I ever flew down to catch you in a live show: Quebec, where Summer and Spring collided – You were singing this song…

    How you took me from the place where I was (in a trip of search, holding doubts and fears, not knowing which way to go to find the truth I’d come to find, or if I could even be able to), smoothly.. carefully… So sweetly and melodically; into a new dimension, where your voice led the way, your hands set the tone… and your words lit the road…

    Such Music! ..And the way you delivered it: …as if creating springs of magical existence out of empty spaces… It played and it grew into me… Powerfully… Fearelessly… Potentially! Suddenly, I was no longer the matter that had first stepped in front you, but I was a flow of warmth, with your song as my current, expanding, limitlessly, into the very heart of the place I’d come to find….

    - My eyes saw what I had never seen before, and I could understand the Truth within, for the very first time in my life. -

    I gave-in… …Selflessly and enraptured by the presence rising and flourishing, like a new- born, living color in this world, into the branches of the whole universe… -

    …I Was Never The Same Again…

    LOVE – is what this song revealed to me, Sarah –

    As for the very content of the lyrics of this song: I find them to be embodyment of True Devotion; one that can Only the Truly Corageous and Self-Given be Absolutely Capable of finding & rising-up to. For it is the Highest Task Ever: …Love…

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  229. Rachel Cohn 397 days ago

    This song so truly displays the meaning of a best friend…It is such a wonderful portrayal of support, and the song itself is so beautiful and pure…I am always safe when I listen to it. Thank you, Sarah!

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  230. te imagino .

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  231. T'Ann Landels 398 days ago

    This song reminds me of my son and I’s relationship. Especially the first paragraph. He has been taking 5 years of time by not talking to me and he won’t even tell me why. My sister tells me it’s because I have chronic pain and I choose Western Medicine because it’s more affordable than Naturopathic Physicians and Chiropractors and Accupuncturists. But I can’t afford them. I’d be happy to try them and have no prejudice against them. But I’ll give my son all the time in the world and I’ll always be here waiting for him “If it takes my whole life I won’t break, I won’t bend”

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  232. Mimi Swift 399 days ago

    I know this will be sad, but it holds a meaning of struggle, hope and failure between two friends…
    My best friend and I made a promise after one of her friends took their life, that no matter how many curve balls life throws at us, we would not ever take our lives to be free of the pain, we are hear for one another. Unfortunately this was a broken promise. She had deep dark secrets that she could no longer runaway from, nor could I save her from. The only way out for her was by taking her own life. In the few years after this tragedy, I learned to forgive her and my thoughts of guilt for not trying hard enough.
    Today, all the good memories, there are MANY we shared, are near and dear to my heart as though they just happened yesterday. Though the song holds sadness in it for me, it also holds hope and a new promise that one can forgive and carry on.
    Thank You Sarah for sharing your lyrics that holds an individual meaning one can relate to and make it their own song.
    xox :)

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    • Brenda Conlee 397 days ago

      Your reply has really touched me. So sorry for all that you lost..I’m sure it was hard to go through…hold tight to those beautiful memories.

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  233. makes me cry everytime sarah i love you

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  234. Christon Nichole 402 days ago

    Saves me every time. xoxo ;)

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  235. Lisa Black 408 days ago

    One of my many favorites that is so dear to my heart. Answer echoes much of my adult life taking care of my best friend, my mother, after a devastating stroke left her unable to walk or speak. Sarah has this uncanny gift of writing that can invoke so many situations and touch so many lives that you can relate to almost any song. This song brings me tears, comfort, strength, and rejoice every time I hear it. Thanks Sarah

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