Sarah to perform at the Surfers Healing fundraiser in California

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Sarah will be performing at the Surfer Healing fundraiser benefitting kids with autism on January 18th, 2014 in Dana Point, California. Tickets are $500 USD and there are still a few available to purchase from the Surfers Healing website at

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  1. mary anne 235 days ago

    Would love to see Ft. Lauderdale, Fl in the lineup. Keep in mind for next tour, Please

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  2. Good to here

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  3. Melissa 273 days ago

    I attended a Surfer Healing event at Belmar, NJ this past summer. It was the first year my 10 year old son attended. It was an amazing experience for everyone. Another reason why Sarah is such a great person for helping raise money for a great cause.

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  4. Antonino Cortese 274 days ago

    Esitare osare si può Sarah io ti Amo

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  5. Darrell 276 days ago

    Sarah’s music inspires the soul.
    Information about autism

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  6. Elizabeth 276 days ago

    Thank yog for continuing to make inspiring music that lifts the heart and soul!

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  7. Annette 276 days ago

    Your an Angel. Love body surfing…This is a wonderful cause and benefit. Surfer girl playing it forward, Namaste xo, ;-)

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  8. I remember seeing Sarah and Perry Farrell at the Key Club in L.A. in about 1999 doing a Surfer’s Healing Benefit. I bought tix through Sarah’s fan club for about $75 each. Wonderful show, and we were right up against the stage. I was so excited to hear about this, but $500 EACH??? WOW!!!! I mean, it’s a great cause, but how on earth can most of Sarah’s fans afford that??? Oh well. I guess I’ll be looking forward to the next tour.

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  9. Kera Parlett 283 days ago

    I love your music, I have since you first were introduced in the states, and know we would get along great if we were friends. But, now that I see that you are performing this gig for children with autism, well I have put you in my top two favorite performers in my lifetime. My daughter is autistic and this has really touched me, thank you, Sarah.

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  10. georges 288 days ago

    Bonjour avec un peu de retard
    BONNE ET HEUREUSE ANNEE 2014 a SARAH , sa famille et à tous ses fans


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  11. Sharkbites? New album in the Spring

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  12. Bonjour Sarah et bonne année. A bientot Amicalement F

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  13. Kelly alfax Ann 292 days ago

    Happy New Year, Sarah! again here at another section. You always do your right thing for helping & encouraging people in any way in any field. and your beautiful angelic music is always so touching… Congratulations on your new year 2014 finally come now! I hope your new year’s live performance & new album are going well this year.
    Maybe I can(I wish!) go to one of your live stages at least once in 2014. If can’t, it’s ok – I’ve already had so many songs of yours, your new one? old one? – they are always NEW legendary music for me… it never makes me bored.

    Take care. I pray 2014 will be your most unforgettable amazing year ! And Jan. 18th will be that great starting of the year !! always Thanks for your music – make me breathe my days of course.

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  14. good for you honey

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  15. Diggin the necklaces not gonna lie. I would literally explode from excitement if you came to play in New Jersey

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  16. This is fantastic. I am currently on the East Coast at the moment but hope to be back home in sunny compassionate CA in time for this. What a joy to see and know all those kids are getting their therapy in the water. Nothing better than a bonding experience through the motion of the ocean… Well done, your gifts do not go noticed and the value of your friend or associate doing this is so high just like everyone brought into this place we call life.

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    • Hmm. Edit, replace notice with unnoticed*

      And it was meant to be so full of heart on a serious level aaand comes the humor. It’s late here ;) Take care Ms. Sarah. Too funny.

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  17. Angela Salamone Snyder 295 days ago

    You are so wonderful! I love your necklaces Sarah!

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