‘In Your Shoes’ – First Single From ‘Shine On’ Available Today!


Sarah’s first single off her new album Shine On is here! Listen to ‘In Your Shoes’ now through an exclusive premiere on E! Online. Can’t wait to get your hands on the single? You can purchase ‘In Your Shoes’ TODAY in North America on iTunes and Amazon, as well as pre-order her album Shine On!  (April 7th in all other countries)

Sarah’s album Shine On will be available May 6. By pre-ordering Shine On (Deluxe Edition), you guarantee that you will be first to hear Sarah’s album including 2 exclusive tracks. The Shine On (Deluxe Edition) is available at Target.

Visit the Lyric Lounge to find the words to ‘In Your Shoes’ and let us know what you think of the first single!