‘In Your Shoes’ – First Single From ‘Shine On’ Available Today!

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InYourShoesSarah’s first single off her new album Shine On is here! Listen to ‘In Your Shoes’ now through an exclusive premiere on E! Online. Can’t wait to get your hands on the single? You can purchase ‘In Your Shoes’ TODAY in North America on iTunes and Amazon, as well as pre-order her album Shine On!  (April 7th in all other countries)

Sarah’s album Shine On will be available May 6. By pre-ordering Shine On (Deluxe Edition), you guarantee that you will be first to hear Sarah’s album including 2 exclusive tracks. The Shine On (Deluxe Edition) is available at Target.

Visit the Lyric Lounge to find the words to ‘In Your Shoes’ and let us know what you think of the first single!


27 Responses to ‘In Your Shoes’ – First Single From ‘Shine On’ Available Today!

  1. Pierre-Michel Richard From Arras (France) 178 days ago

    Please, please, Sarah. Viens faire un concert en France !!! Viens à Paris, une fois, ne serait-ce qu’une fois seulement pour tes fans français.

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  2. Dennis Phoenix 192 days ago

    I just listened to , “In Your Shoes”, and I think it lacks that spiritual quality that Sarah’s music usually has.
    Sarah’s music usually soothes my aching soul, and I don’t get that from this song. Perhaps Sarah is happier in her life now and is no longer a tortured artist? I hope her music does reach others in different ways and she prospers, she’s brought healing through her music

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  3. Sarah what about a visit to Massey Hall?

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    • Team Sarah 192 days ago

      Sarah will be announcing her Canadian Tour dates soon!

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  4. Amazon UK is listing the vinyl version as currently unavailable to pre-order… is it going to be released anyway or it’s just an error?

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  5. angel lafuente 201 days ago

    I just would love to see her once! live…would she ever come to Europe again?

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  6. Hello, just wondered when the hard copy of the album would be available to buy in the UK? Thanks.

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    • Team Sarah McLachlan 202 days ago

      Hi Emma! The hard copy should be available about two weeks after the US release. You can pre-order it today on Amazon to make sure it is at your house the day it comes out :)

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  7. Hello !

    I’m a French fan of your music and I just pre-ordered Shine On (deluxe edition) in the French iTunes Store. I would like to know if I could also pre-order the CD version the deluxe edition somewhere on the web or if I have to wait ’til the 6th of May to order it… ?

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    • Team Sarah McLachlan 206 days ago

      Amazon is selling the hard copy of the deluxe version. You should be able to get it through them :)

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  8. Anthony 206 days ago

    Cant wait to receive your new album :) I wonder if the single ”In Your Shoes” will be available in CD format ?

    Thanks for all these years of beautiful songs ! :)

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    • Team Sarah McLachlan 204 days ago

      The CD single will not be available, ‘In Your Shoes’ will be available on the Shine On CD available May 6 in the US

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      • Anthony 204 days ago

        Thanks for the info :) , already pre-ordered the album :) !

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  9. Michael 207 days ago

    Not just beautiful (as always) but a wonderful evolution. Great sound!! Looking forward to the concert.

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  10. Perla Martinez 208 days ago

    Love the song and looking forward to purchading the deluxe edition!

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  11. it busted up long ago on the web, but i’m sure some are around here now, so i have to post for a laugh seeing how things have been going… that sarah was/is an anna nalick fan, right? ha ha

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  12. Dan Rowe 211 days ago

    What is on the Deluxe Edition of Shine On that isn’t available on the regular edition?

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    • Team Sarah McLachlan 208 days ago

      There are two additional tracks that you won’t get on the regular version. The Deluxe Edition is available on iTunes, Amazon and Target for pre-order!

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      • Dan Rowe 207 days ago

        Nice :) Will the Deluxe Edition be available on CD too or just the regular version?

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        • Team Sarah McLachlan 204 days ago

          The deluxe edition will be available at Target stores nationwide and is currently available for presale at Target.com

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  13. C’mon team Sarah. I’m going to let you into a secret. There’s a place outside of the US, and it’s called “The rest of the world”. The rest of the world has fans of Sarah’s music. Give all of us a chance to hear the single. I know I’m being a little sarcastic, but I do play nicely with the other kids, when they play nice. So come on team Sarah, let’s all have a listen.

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    • Team Sarah McLachlan 211 days ago

      Thanks Paul, we agree & wish we could control that a bit better but these parameters are set by 3rd parties unfortunately. Can you hear the sampling here: http://www.sarahmclachlan.com/lyric-lounge/in-your-shoes/ We are expecting a worldwide roll out in the next week+. Your comments are taken to heart, thanks for sharing.

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      • Kelly alfax Ann 210 days ago

        in my case, I had a bit problem, couldn’t access iTunes(to buy) with my account (called the rest of the World ?) … but it’ ok – finally got In your Shoes from iTunes using US account – just made ^^ what an amazing song ever… surprising me,,, Is Sarah a human ?

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  14. Paolo Trevisan 211 days ago

    Will it be possible to pre-order a PHISICAL Deluxe Edition of Shine On? If so, when?
    I’m an old fashioned music lover and I’m not into the iTunes/mp3 thing.
    Still look for a phisical record, vinyl and/or CD.

    Thanks in advance

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    • Team Sarah McLachlan 211 days ago

      Hi Paolo — yes! you can pre-order the physical version today as well here http://ow.ly/vj61d

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      • Paolo Trevisan 211 days ago

        I’m so excited that I almost feel like crying for happiness! \(^__^)/

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    • Marcio Maia 209 days ago

      Full happiness if vinyl format had all the 13 songs (laws of illusion with 10 instead of 12 songs was such a disappointment)… Crossed fingers but almost hopeless about it…

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