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7 Responses to Surfacing

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    Jocelyn C. 78 days ago

    First Sarah’s album I purchased after earing ”angel”.. never regreted my choice ever since. The unique voice I never get tired listening to. ”Building a mystery” and ”sweet surrender” (especially the live version) are still among my favorites.
    Afterglow, Wintersongs, Afterglow live, and shine on followed up. Sorry if I don’t have the full collection yet, but I’m working on it ;-)
    Hardly a day goes by without listening a few songs, and i keep watching ”afterglow live” dvd still on regular basis. Now I just can’t wait to come and see (and hear) by myself this incredible voice live in Montreal

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    angel lafuente 200 days ago

    Again an extraordinary album, nevertheless ‘Building the mistery’ doesn’t reach the level of the rest of songs

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  4. This was my first Sarah McLachlan album and my all time favorite. Bought it when I was in college and every song on this album has so much meaning. Each song brings back so many memories. LOve thsi album. I cried and laughed and this album had the lyrics that spoke to me during that time. Even now when I hear the songs I get nostalgic.

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  5. Was reading Darryl ‘DMC’ McDaniels’ story from The Moth performance piece where he speaks of Angel and Surfacing as having given him reason to go on living during a very dark period for him. I just wanted to hear for myself what he was referring to.
    Thanks, Sarah.

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  6. Such a great album it was my first album I bought and I enjoyed it so much even got the piano book. This album will always be a great 90′s album and it has one of my all time favorite songs on it building a mystery no matter how many times its played I will always love it. So many good songs on here and it takes me back to 8th and 9th grade

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    Ridzwan 270 days ago

    This is the best album for me…soothing at times. A real pleasure to listen to…top in my list

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