The Essential Sarah McLachlan

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35 Responses to The Essential Sarah McLachlan

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    Trudy 23 days ago

    Your performance at the Juno’s last night was amazing as always. After so many years, I am still a fan xo!

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    Jimmy 24 days ago

    My Favorite songs from sarah are written about humanity and a general emotional topic. I really hope she returns to her older style of writing like that of the solace and fumbling albums and encrypt the message of the song a little more instead of being overly direct like her Laws of Illusion CD. Although the Laws CD is great, it only has so much re-play potential. Hold on, Path of thorns, Fumbling towards estacy, Adia, Sweet surrender and many other older original tracks never get old because the meaning of the song is so broad and can be interpreted in many different ways so people get from what it what they need at the time. So although her content and song library has grown, i still find myself gravitating towards her older material that was less personal and more about life lessons and included more play on words with more colorful words.

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  3. What can I say to the woman that has provided pieces to the soundtrack of my life – whether it be in the moments of joy or sadness, I have found solace in your words and peace in the melodies. There have been countless memories that I have built over a lifetime that inevitably are linked back to something you sang. So, thank you for being an invisible guide during the happy times and a shoulder to cry on during the worst. You are amazingly gifted woman – thank you for sharing your soul. I am clearly anticipating seeing you again when you land in Los Angeles – as one of my favorite memories was seeing you a couple years ago and in taking questions from your audience – some lucky dude just asked for a hug … and you called him up and gave it to him! Still kicking myself for not thinking of it first! Congratulations on the new album and tour – and thanks again.

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    Ashwinthecatwin 30 days ago

    First congrats on your doctorate degree! I have been following your musical career back in 1988. At that time ironically, I was working at Tower Records in L.A, Cal we all knew you where destine for super stardom for your voice was so unique and your lyrics beautifully written. I was thrilled to see such a talented artist as yourself get the recognition you so rightly deserve. Finally, I was thrilled I got to meet you in Portland, Oregon in 1992 and will see you live 2014 again in Oregon. I highly recommend seeing Sarah live she sounds even better than the studio recording such as the song called Ben’s song will always bring me to tears. This collection of songs or any new album you create will be received with open ears and a warm heart. Thanks Sarah for sharing and contributing so much to our world….Peace to you and your family.

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    Tina 31 days ago

    Any time I am at a stage in my life when I need to find myself and re-connect, you’re all I can listen to. You bring peace to my heart, and into my life. For so many years you’ve been my sanctuary, my rock, and I hope you stop sharing your talent. It saves so many of us. xoxo

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    Nicole Welter 34 days ago

    I have been a lover of your talent for over 20 years!!! Cannot wait to see you live in Milwaukee 7/9/2014!!!!

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    matt 38 days ago

    That hotmail account is no longer accessible Please send any updates to

    My happy birthday is knowing you are on the path to victory doing what you have to do If you can give a song or so…. Love you

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    Kathleen McAllister 43 days ago

    Your song “DRIFTING” helped me get through the death of my brother…it was as if you wrote it for me to give to him. I don’t know what inspired your words for the song, I can only hope it wasn’t something tragic. You have the voice of an angel…

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    Tammy 46 days ago

    Awesome…this is such a cool compilation of your music. I am so excited you are working on a new album (Shine On) and going on tour…hopefully I will see you at the Chateau St. Michelle in WA!! Nobody makes music that reaches your soul like you do, thank you for that!

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  10. Over 25 years Sarah! Great album once again… See you at the Greek Theater! Loves!

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    Erin 47 days ago

    Simply beautiful – only wish “Black & White” would have made the cut!!!

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    Eric 50 days ago

    Sarah is truly one of the most amazing singers and song writers of our time. In a world of music that is “created” in studios and everything sounds the same Sarah is a beautiful reminder of the art and talent that still can exist. My wife and I see her every chance we can in concert….. Sarah is actually as good, if not better, to experience live. She truly has the voice of an angel.

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    Crystal 50 days ago

    Ralph love that list! Sarah words can not describe what, how, when, where and why your music takes me to places I can not longer visit or ever been for that matter! I love your spirit and can feel your soul in all your music. She is my no. 1 female singer as well. My list as follows:

    Number # 1-Sarah McLahlan
    Number # 2- (very close) Natalie Merchant
    Number #3- Alanis Morrissett

    This album is the complete Sarah thus far!

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    mara 51 days ago

    Come to OZ please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Ralph 51 days ago

    Hey there Ralph here from PA. USA,

    I’ve heard better !!! Just kidding around. Sarah is one of the Greatest Female singers around today. She is my no.1 female singer and tops my list as follows:

    Number # 1- Sarah McLachlan
    Number # 2- Kate Bush
    Number # 3- Tori Amos
    Number # 4- Loreena Mckennitt
    Number # 5- Enya

    Sarah is very inspiring to listen to her voice and it just takes you to another place of “Peace and
    Wonderful Dreams “. When she sings the words, they just melt into my head and brings a flowing sense of calmness to my soul. That’s the best way of explaining it. I really fell in love with her voice from the first album and when I heard her on MTV years ago. Thanks Sarah for making my life worth something and have meaning. Never stop the music. Remember Sarah that no matter what your Fans are here for you in good times and Bad. Love ya Sarah. Peace to all Sarah Fans.


    Ralph Smith from Harrisburg, PA. USA

    Going to Phila. PA. to see Sarah Yeah Boy !!!

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    Megan 51 days ago

    I was so praying you would have your 2014 come to LAS VEGAS! Gone so long without a concert and so looking forward to new album. Your an amazing woman!

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    Lesley 51 days ago

    I’ve been a fan since the first album. The second I heart your voice I was hooked. You truly are amazing. This collection is wonderful.

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    Raul Lloclle 52 days ago

    Dear Sarah !

    You have no idea how much it meant your music in my lonely life during the time i have been working onboard the ship ,maybe it is nothing but it helped me a lot and i hope you can continue singing with so much passion and love ,thank you so much Sarah !!!

    Ps …waiting for your newest song of your new album

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    Marie 54 days ago

    It’s gonna be another incredible Creation!

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    Lorrie Leaver 56 days ago

    Your voice reaches my heart Sarah. For those of us who have faced death your lyrics are angelic
    God bless you

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    Heidster 58 days ago

    Sarah McLachlan = one of a kind. One of the greatest singers and lyricists of her generation. Thank you for your magical, awe inspiring music, your songs never fail to move me & they make our world a better place x

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    christopher 67 days ago

    Such a beautiful voice. Fills my heart and soul with so much love . Thank you for your courage : )

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    Jeanette 71 days ago

    I really love all of her music.She puts such feeling into it. She inspires me a lot. I love to hear her play piano. I hope to see her in concert someday. Can’t wait for the new album. Sooo very exciting! Thanks so much for sharing such wonderful music with all of us. ; )

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    TheFrankieV 78 days ago

    This album, to me, is a collection of “All that is good from Sarah McLachlan”. Songs that have moved my soul to maturity. Allow the lyrics and Sarah’s gifted voice to guide you to see the Universe in a way that is missed by so many.
    Sarah, please keep making beautiful music and making a difference.

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    elise 81 days ago

    Your just amazing. Last saw you in 1993 in New Mexico.

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    Craig Barker 83 days ago

    I am a big fan of Rush, Kiss and heavier bands, but there is something about Sarah’s voice. WOW!!!!!!!!!!
    Big fan, come to Tulsa on your next tour!!!

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    Laurie 86 days ago

    The Album is a memory to albums you have made. It is an inspiration to my daughter Sarah and I, that we are learning to play guitar. I have wanted to learn to play guitar for a long time and even bought your guitar music that i will learn to play. I met you in Winnipeg and look forward to seeing you again soon. Your music takes my stress away. Your voice is amazing and I look forward to when the new album comes out. Thank you for being a huge part of my life.

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    Cleverson Durigão 87 days ago

    Feliz Aniversário Minha cantora predileta

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    lkbleet 88 days ago

    I think you are the most talented female vocalist!!! You are not only a fabulous songwriter with a gorgeous voice, sexy at every age and a marvelous musician. I have seen you at least 5 times and you have really enhanced my life and I am truly grateful!

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    Serj 88 days ago

    Не хочу показаться невеждой, тем не менее…. Голоса исполнителей на незнакомом мне языке, я расцениваю, как музыкальный инструмент. Голос-инструмент. В этом отношении, Сара, великолепно владеет своим инструментом. Если ещё учесть, что она сама пишет слова, музыку… то она молодец трижды!
    Или, просто… умница! С уважением отношусь к её творчеству.

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    Texan Rayne 104 days ago

    Absolutely love Sarah’s music.

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    Jim Manriquez 104 days ago

    Great music is timeless! I remember the first time I heard every one of these songs all the way back to Vox. Simply brilliant!

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    sherry 106 days ago

    I was wondering if you sang any other songs on documentaries.

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    Jennifer 106 days ago

    Lost several of my cd’s in a move so downloaded this … awesome!!

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  35. Fantastic album, love every single song!

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