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Spend all your time waiting
for that second chance
for a break that would make it okay
there’s always some reason
to feel not good enough
and it’s hard at the end of the day
I need some distraction
oh beautiful release
memories seep from my veins
let me be empty
and weightless and maybe
I’ll find some peace tonight

in the arms of the angel
fly away from here
from this dark cold hotel room
and the endlessness that you fear
you are pulled from the wreckage
of your silent reverie
you’re in the arms of the angel
may you find some comfort here

so tired of the straight line
and everywhere you turn
there’s vultures and thieves at your back
and the storm keeps on twisting
you keep on building the lies
that you make up for all that you lack
it don’t make no difference
escaping one last time
it’s easier to believe in this sweet madness oh
this glorious sadness that brings me to my knees

in the arms of the angel
fly away from here
from this dark cold hotel room
and the endlessness that you fear
you are pulled from the wreckage
of your silent reverie
you’re in the arms of the angel
may you find some comfort here
you’re in the arms of the angel
may you find some comfort here

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119 Responses to Angel

  1. Jolene Mal 36 days ago

    Thanks for this song. My sister took her life after years sruggling with depression. This song calm me down . You are so talented. Youvare an inspiration to millions. Thanks xxx

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  2. Sarah when my mother in law passed away on the 20th of January 2000, the family asked what would be played at the church funeral . I know they were hoping for me to play guitar and sing but that would be to hard for me. My wife and i played a big part in caring for her in her final years of her life. She died of lung cancer. Two days after her death I was driving home after doing some errands, That was the first time I heard the song Angel. I pulled my car over and cried like a baby. After i composed myself i drove home to my wife and explained what just happened to me and how your voice sounded like an angel . It was as if you sent this song to us when we needed it the most. Since that time , we have a hard time hearing your song with out crying. We placed mom in a beautiful urn, sculptured as a angel, and played Angel at the church service. Its amazing how little things come into our lives at perfect timing which almost seems like people are speaking to us from beyond and sending us clues that everything is going to be alright just as your song was. Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts, your a great writer and singer . I came from a family of 14 children in NFLD with no electricity or running water so instruments and singing made up a lot of our cold and windy nights sitting around our wood stove. My wife and our two children never go to concerts, but if you ever come to Edmonton AB we will do whatever it takes to come and see you. thank you so much for being you. all our love and best wishes Andre and Jo Anne Duffenais

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  3. 7th Sep makes it a month since my mum passed away…I could list the countless medical terms we heard over the years her health detoriated..but I want to focus on the wife and mum she was during her time on earth and will continue to be in our hearts. My sister and I included this song for her 1 month holy rememberance.
    Rest peacefully now mummy…you are in God’s hands. Thank you Sarah.. XoXo

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  4. Samuel Francis Wade 55 days ago

    in a world where humanity
    drifts between who it is, and
    what it can be;
    My Guardian are steady
    Companion of Light,
    Shielding me in their
    Shields of Light from any
    and all darkness.
    Perhaps in your song, it is
    the idea of a steady comfort,
    we knew as children, I am
    drawn to as a reaffirming
    hope we all can belief in.
    I enjoy the reality and beauty
    of such a profound idea.
    We all long to return to
    the purity and safety that
    Is never elusive found first
    in those who loved us first.
    It is the memories of times
    passed, which the Angel’s
    are bringing us home too.
    What ever the realities of
    Thanks for reminding all of us, how
    to find the way home. Pax,

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  5. Mum (Janet McLauchlan) has not heard your music; I have; you remind me of her; she played the piano to wake us on weekends, her Father and family sang and played in the Maranaca / McLauchlan Family Orchestra in Fife, so we never tired of hearing any of them play and sing. I will be taking your “best of” to Scotland next week, so Mum can hear you and maybe bring back some memories maybe make a few new ones. Great to hear you’ll go to London this year, maybe next tour if you make it Texas and schedule Houston then “my side of the family can enjoy your wonderful gift. God Bless Sarah, and Thank you

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    • It’s Maranatha – McLauchlan Family Orchestra (1930′s)

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  6. Venessa Visagie 90 days ago

    This song touched my heart when I 1st heard it @ the funeral of a colleague & his friend who died tragically in a car accident. He(Dirk Potgieter) was the sweetest white young man that I’ve EVER worked with always smiling with everyone & very friendly. I’m sure he is flying with the angels right now. And what made me think of the the song again now,is the story of the 4yr old little boy from South Africa who was brutally killed by animals who hijacked his mom taking her car with the baby stuck to the seatbelt while his mom struggled to loosen it from him & the car pulled off dragging the baby several metres before the engine cut off and he was killed. With tears in my eyes I pray for his parents & family and know that he is in a safer place where there’s no more pain nor thieves who ripped his liitle life away So soon. He is also now flying with the angels, I’m sure with that sweet little smile of his- Reiger Park is mourning his death but may your beautiful little soul R.I.P Taegrin. Love-Venessa

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  7. Sara Kiela 100 days ago

    Thank you for this beautiful song. I have lost a beloved family member and this song has helped me through a difficult time. I have played it so often these past days and most of the lyrics are so appropriate. Music can help a lot and I hope that my daughter who plays the piano will one day play this song for me. Love from Sara from Holland xx

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  8. Jennifer Dennis 106 days ago

    Hi there Sarah , I was driving to work this morning when they played your beautful music of “Angel” as I have my best friend of 56 years suffereing from the horrible desease Cancer !! at the moment and I think that she is an Angel and it brought tears to my eyes as I know she will one day fly away from here to join them so then I will find comfort listening to your beautiful Angel always.

    Kind regards and you stay beautiful
    Jennifer Dennis

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  9. Well, here I am in the studio just north of Charlotte, NC. In the first message I forgot to mention…that song makes me cry everytime.

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  10. This song makes me think of my cancer sticken father. When I call he always says he is doing fine, but I know different. I guess we both know soon…he will be in the arms of the Angels. It is hard to see a mountain of a man being slowly chipped away. Myself being a full-time musician, I have always been moved by music. This song just slays me…

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  11. To me this song means that life has been hardand full of disappointments. That no matter how hard you try to fix this life, nothing seems to make it better. So, saying goodbye and taking a leap of faith is what’s left; to trust in your angel.

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  12. Bruce Krueger 134 days ago

    I recently purchased Sarah”s newest album ” Shine on ” along with ” The Essential Sarah McLachlan and I was reminded of the magic that is Sarah McLachlan !! Not only is she one of the most beautiful women in the world but her talent as a songwriter and singer is beyond description !! In a world that sometimes can be a very ugly place, her music, her voice and the feelings that she puts into her music transcends all the bad that is in the world and for those moments that Sarah brings her music to life, the world is once again a peaceful, beautiful place to live !! From the bottom of my heart, Thank You, Sarah :)

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  13. Joe Blough 143 days ago

    It had been awhile since I’ve heard this song.
    Last week as my little world was becoming more and more difficult to maintain, I again turned to a distraction (self admitted cop-out) to manage. However this time I was easily convinced by my distraction to try something to help me relax.
    We made it to a my hotel room once I quit drifting away.
    Once I figured peace was at my door, I insisted she leave and left me alone. It was cold and dark, I was alone.
    I was ready and welcomed the endless daze my life become stopping.
    I woke up the next morning, my heart obviously pulled thru and though I couldn’t move to well for a few days, I long for peace to come.
    That day after checking out, while driving from the hotel this hauntingly wonderful song was brand new to me as I listened to it on the radio.
    I know how the one in the song must of felt and you beautifully captured this as if you were that angel who waited to bestow the peace longed for.
    It became a new song to me and shed light on the cold and dark hotel room I’m living in since I lost my home. Literally and physically.
    You have a beautiful voice.

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  14. This song TO ME
    Just that me I feel this way an no other
    But people are vultures an thieves that take a piece of who you are
    An you know who you are
    So where can you ever get this peace
    Hopefully in the God

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  15. Wendy Fecteau 155 days ago

    Your song was playing om the radio as I drove home at 2:30 in the morning after watching a dear friend die from alcoholism. She loved angels and gave me many that I treasure, your song seemed written for her. She tried so hard to stay sober but could not. I heard it yesterday and it means so much to me. Thank you for writing and recording this song.

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  16. In a very dark night in my life this song comfort me so much…thank you Sarag for this gorgeous son<3

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  17. celina affolter 164 days ago

    This song means everything to us grieving mothers who have lost our sons. I have a support group and this is going to be our theme song. We feel helpless someday’s and these words are southing to our soul! We are going to see you perform in Kansas City Missouri at Starlight Theatre. We so wish we could meet you in person to share a hug and to tell you personally what you mean to each of us. I don’t even know if that is possible! I lost my first born, my only son, and my best friend in the world. It was 9 years this April 28th. Music is something that I turn to when the days are hard. This Sunday is Mother’s Day, a day that will never be the same since he left me. I have a hole in my heart. Thank you for your music. Sorry for the long e-mail, I just wanted you to know that we appreciate you so much. Can hardly wait for July 3rd in K.C. Mo!

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  18. this song means alot to me as the day of my moms funernl my husband took me home and i layed down crying not knowing why she did the thing she did and i feel a sleep i never heard this song before as i was sleeping all i saw was a paino and me and her dancing after that i got the tape and it became my song for her and by the way our birthdays are 7 days apart yours and mine

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  19. Melanie L 172 days ago

    This song means so much to soooo many~I already know I want this played at my Memorial. I want to say ‘THANK YOU for writing this song. It is pure genius! :-)

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  20. Ed Allen 174 days ago

    I had sent a contact email to you saying this was a personal song for me. Whether they are arches or seraphims, They are angels. In the dark as well as in light they are there…ALWAYS. I’ve lost love ones over the years and as much as I hate going to the wakes, it is something I never get use to unlike some people. In one hand you have life and in the other, death as I told one friend. The angels balance it out for the survivors of the dead. Comfort from the wreckage of your silent reverie. Thanks for an amazing graceful song. Take care and heed always.

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  21. Kevin Bennet 182 days ago

    This song is amazing, I love singing it. Where did you get inspiration? o.o

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  22. I have this song on my son´s funural, there was so many words who reminds me of him, and her voise is so beautiful, My loved son was only 16 when he decided not to be here anymore, Miss himso much/Mom

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  23. Paula Stacy 220 days ago

    This song was played at my mothers funeral because I take the meaning of Mother waits to retire when she does she gets sick always in pain not feeling good went on and on that’s the dark cold motel room is her life or time in hospital vultures and thieves at her back at the Drs. As no one could find what was wrong. She was pulled from the wreckage they finally found out she was a DIABETIC it had now damaged all her organs. One simple blood test had to go two hundred miles away said she should be dead 1600 was her blood sugar. Back then u didn’t see all the tv ads abou it. And the last great glorious sadness bringing her to her knees. She somehow fell just right and broke both legs bones protruding when I found her she was in her knees talking with 911. She had a thing around her neck to push a button for help but she couldn’t find it instead she crawled around looking fir the phone. My momma was a large lady. She again was in dark cold motel room for three months she almost didn’t come out of the surgery she was in a coma for a long time. Last but not least SHES IN THE ARMS OF THE ANGELS WHERE AT LAST SHE CAN BE FREE OF PAIN, SADNESS, LONLINESS AND DESPAIR BECAUSE THATS HOW SHE FELT. U r a wonderful person for even asking Thal You Sarah GOD BLESS

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  24. Barb Chambers 222 days ago

    I love this song because it is about keeping memories alive during times of loss. It reminded me that remembrance is a gift that has no time limit.

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  25. The best music... 225 days ago

    I love it…

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  26. Charles Robert 230 days ago

    Dear Sarah,
    Just a quick note to say THANK YOU so very much. Many times in my life I have cried, and for many reasons, But never has anything (besides God’s love) ever been so heavenly and peaceful to my ears and heart. I haven’t found anything else that has moved me so deeply. THANK YOU so very much. Lots of love and GOD bless you in all of your endeavors. CR

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  27. Helen Grippi 230 days ago

    When I Hear you sing this song, I think of all the unwanted animals out there. I want to adopt all Of them. I know this is impossible but I can hope. You sing like an angle.

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  28. This song is so beautiful. I love listening to it all the time. Your music is so amazing and you are so talented. Don’t ever change.

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  29. theresa 247 days ago

    This song “Angel” is very comforting to me my Dad passed December 2000 at age 75,he had a hard life and tried to make the best of it being crippled and a speech problem, which many people laughed and made fun of him ,but he was a proud man and always gave a smile. When he was in the adult care center because my Mom could no longer take care of him(he thought he was in the hotel room) when he was dying some family members came in like vultures and thieves .I felt like the Angels came and took him up in their arms to a better life…I know this isn’t the happiest story, but it’s my story ,So Thank You Sarah:)

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  30. carlos benhur 251 days ago

    esta é uma das musicas mais lindas que ja escutei lembra muitas coisas lindas de minha vida assim como algumas passagens tristes… usei ela em minha formatura momento muito especial!

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  31. Marcel van Vilsteren 261 days ago

    This weekend three kids sang “Angel’ during the talent program “The Voice – Kids” here in Holland…. Goosebumps don’t even start te describe what was going through me. Sarah sings it awesome…. Those kids gave me faith in the future. Please have a look at YouTube (search for “Voice Kids” “Angel” and i bet you’ll find it).Sarah, please continue with inspiring us all… and especially…. the kids of the world….

    Almere, The Netherlands.

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  32. This song is performed last night by three children from Holland.

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    • Adelheid 261 days ago

      Yes! They where amazing. A great performance using this beautifull song!

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  33. Eluku Striker 264 days ago

    Sigh… Happy Birthday Sarah, Your generations shall be called blessed.(Amen). Your voice is infectious, your songs sends out a lot of message to those that are deep about music. You are a gift to the world. You a genius. Keep doing the good work. My regards to your families and friends. All d way from Nigeria!.

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  34. mackenzie g 265 days ago

    it reminde of the Animals in the Animal shelter thing about being abused abduced not fed beaten tto death or left to die thats what The song Angel reminds of now how the Animal thing makes me feel is very sad and i just whant to cry

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  35. Margaret Egan 266 days ago

    I love all your music especially the Irish tunes

    happy birthday,

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  36. Julia GH 268 days ago

    one of the most gracious, sad, deep and passionate songs I have ever listened to.

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  37. Es parte de mi realidad,creo que la estaba esperando hace tiempo.
    te quiero mucho Sara

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  38. It’s just totally awesome very spiritual to me

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  39. Linda Buren 278 days ago

    This song is “PURE PERFECTION”. When you sing this song, you sound so sensual and so into the song, if you will. It’s hard to listen to without tearing up or just crying your eyes out. What a beautiful womanly voice you have. I think we can all relate to the song. “Angel” is a CLASSIC, TIMELESS song for all people. This is what it means to me.

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  40. Adrienne 278 days ago

    Sarah, this song is so hauntingly beautiful. When I hear it, it leaves me feeling melancholy and thinking of mistakes made and loved ones lost. I love your ability to weave such beauty with your intense melodies. Such a talent.

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  41. Love the song. It hit home when I was working in social services housing homeless people with mental illnesses. So many wrecked lives. I couldn’t help them all. It broke my heart. Hopefully I made a difference to some.

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  42. Timbo Pritchard 282 days ago

    When I was at my lowest ebb this song of yours inspired me to get back up & fight & then I met the love of my life my angel Emma. Thank you. X

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  43. CHONG KHEN CHUAN 286 days ago

    When I repeat to play this song, refresh my memories last 10 years, especially in 2014 Christmas who I met, and I remembered disaster 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami. this is sad and painful memories, really wish an Angel will help who need help.

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  44. belinda 287 days ago

    my nan played this song for my granddad when the day had come to say good bye, every time I feel down I play it so it brings all the good memories of him .i love it, thank you for this song sarah.

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  45. I heard this song at the first time in santana supernatural concert, the song a sing with your soul, come into my heart…beautifull…sory bad english…

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  46. Marianne 294 days ago

    This was a dear friends choice of song at the funeral of the bravest person I have ever had the privilege of knowing Deja was just 11 years old when she was taken from us after a long and painful battle with cystic fibrosis this song is pain , loss , comfort, memories and beauty.

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  47. I met you and your work thru this song. I was watching City of Angels and it just blended perfectly with the scene. Once the movie ended, I ran to my computer to find out who was singing it. That’s when I came across Mirrorball, the first of your records I listened to. But most importantly I was facing a moment of depression at that time. I had just started taking medication and when times were hard I would always say to myself “may I find some comfort here”. But the lyrics made (and still make) much sense to me. There isn’t a line in this song that I don’t relate to. Thanks for putting into words what I and so many others felt at least once in our lives and help us overcome that.

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  48. Sarah, your song is so incredibel.
    Since i first heard that song several years ago, it follows me, were ever i am.
    It lightens my heart on cloudy days.
    Now it is about ten years ago, that i ‘ve tried to translate your song to german.
    I know, that this is without your permission, but i had done it only for my own pleasure and sang it together with friends in privat. But some day, my friend Alex asked, if we couldn’t do a live-recording of the song. First, i won’t, but she was very pushing and so we gave up and did the recording. What we didn’t knew was, that her brother had passed away the day before.
    She got the song on tape and brought it to her mom for to comfort her.
    Very sad! But Thank you Sarah for your great song. It gives comfort to the men.
    Martin from Germany

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  49. This song is incredible. I have heard it so many times, but it was not until I learned that the song was really about intravenous drug users that it really became therapy for me. My brother committed suicide after years of abusing meth. For years all I heard was suicide was the easy way, and it was all his fault for doing drugs, and for failing. I always felt sorry for him, I saw him try, and I saw him fail. I saw what it did to him, and I saw how desperately he wanted to change. Looking back, I think he was self medicating, and I believe he was bi-polar, but treatment back then was nothing like today.

    This song actually describes the struggle an addict goes through. How it takes so little for them to just give it one more try. How having to deal with what brought them to being an addict in the first place is so much harder than just giving in.

    To me, it really helped me deal with how sorry I felt for my brother when everyone was so angry with him. Thank you Sara, for writing this.

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    • Yeah, the road back is hard, and sometimes we fall, sometimes we don’t make it home. I’ve been clean for 27 years. God bless you and your brother.

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  50. Honestly, this song is a millions times more fantastic when you sing it live. Recently, you’ve been belting out “sweet madness, glorious sadness,” and that literally sends shivers. The best possible shivers .. Right here http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=zeGyn0YkTj8 The last few moments of this video mean everything to me :)

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  51. This song was popular when my sister was killed in a motorcycle collision. It will always remind me of her It also helps that I know she is in the “Arms of the angels”

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  52. Darlene Radler 324 days ago

    Whenever a child dies this song is the first thing I turn to..

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  53. Toni Kortabani 324 days ago

    As for this masterpiece, I can so comfortably let it out, it is the song that I wake-up, and comfort my eyes and my heart to sleep with, it is as my desperate water shower, and the Thirst for a JOYFUL last, and first wine.! So many think or feel as it is a sad song, as for me it is always a song and a wake-up call, of how BLESSED I am and (WE ARE).!! Thank you Sarah…..

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  54. Margaret Byrne 325 days ago

    Religious… no matter how much one f***’s UP. ..you can still be in the arms of an Angel. ..
    I DO find some comfort here…

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  55. I was in a school shooting in Stockton California in 1989 when I was 7. I feel like this song captures the sadness and acceptance (of loss) of the children who passed in that event. The parents who lost their children will always have my sympathy, I feel like this song I could dedicate to everyone in involved in that tragedy. I remember a father crying when he found his 7 year old daughter was no longer alive. I remember everything. This is a sad song to listen to.

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  56. Martin Beaudoin 334 days ago

    To me, this is one of the most beautiful song ever been written and sung, and your voice takes all of its vibrancy with it. To me, the song speak of the difficulty that life brings and of the resilience that comes from trusting that everything will be ok, that you should trust life. Thank you for this song and congratulations of your Honorary Doctorate.

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  57. Sandy Hemenway 343 days ago

    Glorious combination of song writing skill and superb performance. Definitely a song that brings comfort and reminds me to surrender to a higher power when I become overwhelmed with the trials and tribulations of daily life. Thank you for sharing your many musical gifts. I, too am a song-writer, and knowing your love of animals, have often wished I could share one of my songs with you, “The Woof Woof Song”. http://www.reverbnation.com/sandyhemenway/song/17406553-unconditionally

    In any case, may your music continue to bless the world.

    Namaste … Sandy

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  58. John Mepham 343 days ago

    Hello Sarah, I have enjoyed your music for years I find the song Angel very comforting it puts me in a peaceful place, as a lot of your songs do thank you for all your songs over the years.
    Best Wishes…John

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  59. Not in my top ten.

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  60. Grégory 347 days ago

    In France Sarah is not very known. I’ve heard her for the first time with the song silence with delirium.
    Then today I found this website and and … what an amazing voice and very beautifull songs. I’ll be back there very often to hear that so beautifull voice

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  61. Edwin Nesbit 349 days ago

    Thank you. for this song My wife passed from brain cancer and this song is a great help to let me know there is an angle that will give me peace when I am alone thinking of her.

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  62. matt mclachlan 353 days ago

    Are you my Dad’s daughter ?

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  63. Sherrie 353 days ago

    I have been grieving over the death of my BFF and older Sister. Georgia just 8 months ago. I heard your song again (Angel) as the back up for a gymnastic routine. All of a sudden, I thought of my sister Georgia and the visual I had was that she is in the Arms of an Angel. I immediately found you beautiful new website and remember how much I love you music. thank you for sharing your talent with the world.

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  64. Im from brazil. my granfather died, and he means a lot to me, he was the father I havent. I love him soo much. And when his cancer killed him, I got crazy, and coudnt get over it. and one day, I was very sad and empty, and this song came, from another apartment, like destiny, that was special, because in the moment I hear this song, my heart was calm, and every word of this song makes me cry and makes me get over of everything, I asked my neighbor was song was that, and he said that he didnt know what I was talking about. Only I hear that music. and that was very crazy, maybe someone want me to hear that, like my granfather. And than… my best friend gave me your CD, and I hear angel again… I thought,,, oh my god…. your song makes me blessed… and Im not religous… love you sarah!!!thank you for made a such pretty and magical and inspired song….

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  65. Sarah,

    This was the song that first introduced me to your music and my favorite. I remember hearing this song on a TV show and was fascinated by the beautiful melody and rich lyrics in this and all of your songs. I always enjoy reading the lyrics and the stories you tell through them. When I’m feeling down, this song reminds that life is not quite as bad we make it out to be.

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  66. Britten Westwood 356 days ago


    Way back in 1994, after moving from Fort. St. John, B.C. to Las Vegas, NV, I received an invite from a girl I’d become friends with to a concert. She said she’d won some tickets to some concert from the local radio station 103.5FM. Back then 103.5 played a wide range of alternative music and I’d heard your song Possession playing on the radio but didn’t know it was your song…or just who the girl had won tickets to see that night. I picked her up and we went to eat at some hole-in-the-wall mexican restaurant close to the Huntridge Theater, where the concert was being held, then went into the HT to see the show. I’m so happy that the Huntridge was the first place I saw you perform…as it was such a small, intimate venue which allowed me and my friend to get right up to the front of the stage.

    I immediately fell in love with your music while listening to it at that concert and have been a huge fan ever since. I went out the very next day and bought the three albums you had out at that time and listened to them all. Since then I’ve bought every cd you’ve ever released and will probably continue to do so (even though I usually illegally download all my music these days)!

    Fumbling was my favorite album back then and I’d have to say my favorite song in the beginning was Ice Cream. I just loved when you preformed it live and included the little tongue click during the pause in the music! I was so happy to hear that same click in The Freedom Sessions version! I really got into electronic dance music during the late 90′s and my favorite EDM song for years has been Silence by Delerium, which you did the vocals on.

    Today there is a tie for my favorite song between Angel and I will Remember You. My best friend Casie, who was also a fan and who loved Silence almost as much as I do, passed away from colon cancer last year. Those two songs have helped me with my grief in her passing so I owe you a great big thank you for helping me through such a tough time with your music…and also for all the other times, throughout the last 19 years, that your music has uplifted and inspired me!

    I’ve seen you in concert a few times now…including two different Lilith Fair performances…and I hope you’ll be coming back through Las Vegas on your next tour! Keep up the great work…can’t wait to hear the new album!

    Thank You Sarah McLachlan,

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  67. This is one of my favorite songs. When you are alone and feel the weight of the world on you, the feeling of hopefullness with your angel brings you peace and comfort. Your beautiful voice, words, and melody make this a truly special song.

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  68. Francine 357 days ago

    Sarah, I call this my song to Mom. Just recently passed away, born French Canadian and very smart and Independent… I was her caregiver until the time that it was not possible to care for her at home. The reason for this song for my Mother, because every day and night for 5 years in the nursing home she asked God to come take her home. She so needed distraction and the arms of her Angel. Minutes before leaving for the burial I played your Angel for me this time. Thank you Sarah xoxoxo

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  69. To me the song ‘Angel’ means …nothing…and buy everything!

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  70. arnaud bourda 360 days ago

    just a beautiful silence….
    Silenve of an angel !

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  71. I was attacked and almost killed by a serial predatorand I can’t count how many nights this song saved my life

    Hugs (1) | Like | Reply
  72. John Russell Turner 362 days ago

    Perhaps the greatest popular song ever written, great because after all these years it still sounds fresh and new, and it is so simple, so poetically and hauntingly beautiful. ( “…spend all your time waiting for that second chance, for the break that would make it OK”)… especially loved your duet version with Carlos Santana.

    Hug | Like | Reply
  73. Leslie Inglis 363 days ago

    Our second daughter (named Sarah) was born handicapped. She almost died one night and the pain that came with everything that she went through was almost unbearable for all of us. I have always loved all of Sarah’s songs but Angel is a song that always made me feel like something might be holding on to us…helping us all through. I’m not religious. Just spiritual. Looking for some distraction, a beautiful release and some peace. Thank you Sarah for all of your beautiful music.

    Hug | Like | Reply
  74. Barb Bytnar Summer of ’99 — lost my sister’s baby boy in May ’99 to pneumonia just before reaching age 3…only to lose our youngest “baby” brother, Mattie one month later at young age of 16 (the youngest of us 6 kids), to a most horrific, fatal car crash; hit head-on by a semi truck having no business illegally driving in our state & well over the weight limit (weigh stations were closed)… In heavy grief barely getting through – we heard this song – “ANGEL” – on the radio as the upcoming Lillith Fair was announced in our area!… so…only two grief-stricken months later – my little sis, Lizza, joined me in going to this concert… and together in our hearts, we dedicated “ANGEL” (and also “I Will Remember You”) at Sarah’s LILITH FAIR concert, Pine Knob amphitheater (now known as DTE), Clarkston, Michigan. — THE WORDS in ANGEL – ‘…you were torn from the wreckage….. and in the arms of the ANGEL…” … HAD SO MUCH MEANING – AND STILL DO TODAY…. We still dedicate it annually; one day we hope to express this personally to this most talented and beautiful-hearted artist — Sarah McLachlan! BB 10.23.2013

    Hug | Like | Reply
  75. I think I may have first heard this song (truly) in the film City of Angels. It resonated with me and will always be with me. I love it. Is it wrong to say that it will be played at my funeral?

    Hugs (6) | Likes (5) | Reply
  76. Elke Van Oudenhove 363 days ago

    This song I first heard at my cousins wedding. I was totally crazy about it. I started to practice this song at home. One day my mom surprised me and took me to a recording studio where I sangria Angel. After this Belgian girl fell in love with a Canadian from West Vancouver. His parents own a French bistro on Marine Drive called La Regalade.. One night a dream came true the restaurant had some very special guests I was so excited. Sadly my Canadian love vanished but Italië were beautiful 8 years. Angel always takes me back there, this probably for the rest of my life. Thank you X

    Hug | Like | Reply
  77. Christine 363 days ago

    This song was released when I was 19 years old. I was going through chemotherapy for Hodgkins Lymphoma. It was a very scary time for me and listening to Angel helped take me away from it all. I could relate to the lyrics deeply. I now have a cancer ribbon tattoo and to celebrate being cancer free for 10 years I got a line from Angel with the ribbon

    Hug | Like | Reply
  78. It reminds me of my late mother, the hard life she had, and that she now lives with the angels in peace.

    Hug | Like | Reply
  79. Amanda schweinhart 369 days ago

    This song is about my girlfriend I.. She is my angel who came in my darker part of life and holds me and walks me thru it.. My protector and my gift from God

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  80. Beautiful song!

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  81. rebecca 376 days ago

    the most beautiful song ever and it reminds me of my husband who lost his battle with his demon alcohol. i miss him dearly…

    Hug | Like | Reply
  82. Rocio Hernandez Niñi 380 days ago

    This is one of my favorite songs because I feel peace in my soul, like flying every where and reminds me Vancouver when I was there… So beautiful city!!!

    Hug | Like | Reply
  83. Rocio Hernandez Niñi 380 days ago

    This one of my favorite songs because when I listen to it I feel

    Hug | Like | Reply
  84. I was on holiday from Birmingham England visiting my Canadian friend in Pittsburgh having recently lost my dear mother. I took time out to drive along the blue ridge mountain while heading out from Washington at one point in our excursions. . And Angels came on my radio as I slowly wound my car along the endless quiet lanes . The sun shone through the amber colours of the autumn leaves and the moment just seemed perfect. I needed a break, a time for reflection after recent events, and this song provided comfort then, as it does now to this day. Taking me back there in my mind when I hear it. Thanks Sarah.for the moments you will always bring back to me.

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  85. BLU3COLLΛR TRΛNC3 381 days ago

    Best female vocal song of the last 100 years.

    Hug | Like | Reply
  86. Sarah-
    My beloved only sibling, Rita, shared your music with me when she “discovered” your first album years ago. We loved you so much and listened to your cassettes over and over! We were thrilled to see you when you came to Houston, Tx and played a really small venue where we stood at your feet, looking right up at you, our Sarah with the voice of an angel. That night has lived on in my memory for years, you wore a long emerald green crushed velvet gown and were so beautiful to see in person as we gathered so close that we could reach out and touch you…

    Rita was murdered not long after at the age of 22 and the music we had shared became sacred. My mom and I both connected so much to the feelings in “Angel”. Mom and I always paused when we heard it, looking at each other, remembering our Rita and knowing that one day, we would once again see our beloved Rita. Mom died this year, 18 yrs and 3 wks after Rita died and I have to hope that she truly did find our Angel at the end of her journey. I haven’t been able to listen to it since, the grief is too strong but just the thought of them together, with the wreckage and pain in the past as if it never occurred, that brings solace to this broken heart…

    Thank you for giving me the blessings of your music, Sarah. You have provided an amazing soundtrack to the often painful, but amazingly beautiful life that I have had. Thank you, thank you, thank you for following your dreams which led to you becoming part of my life, even though you don’t even know it…In many ways, you have been an angel to us, connecting us, bridging life & deaths huge chasms, helping us to feel the LOVE when we couldn’t find it on our own…

    Blessings to you and yours- ALWAYS & in ALL WAYS,

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    • That was one of the most beautiful things I have ever read about how a song touches someones life. Sarah’s music most certainly does bridge segments of our lives together perfectly.

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  87. We lost our parents within 11 months of each other in their early sixties … Angel gave me comfort and we listened to it at their services….again thank you for the comfort your music provided in what seemed and still seems surreal

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  88. mike licciardello 383 days ago

    means the hurt doesn’t last 4ever if u keep the faith,have a heart that’s true and a girl that knows it….

    Hug | Like | Reply
  89. Michele 384 days ago

    “Angel” means my husband to me. He passed away on December 2 last year and I chose this song to celebrate him at his celebration of life service. He and I both loved the song and, after hearing you sing it at Centre in the Square in Kitchener, we loved it and you even more.

    Hugs (1) | Like | Reply
  90. My one standout memory of listening to “Angel” came at the end of an extremely stressful, dangerous trip.
    It was December 1999 shortly after I was laid off from a dot-com, and with high hopes, I traveled to Amsterdam, a city normally known for being “welcoming and tolerant.” But during my week there, I was instead taunted and assaulted by street thugs daily. Normally I take my travel hiccups in stride, but Amsterdam was so bad to me that I simply couldn’t do it. I am still emotionally very scarred from that week in Amsterdam, even to this day.
    My mood remained very hurt and foul even as I started my journey home, the only solace being that I was booked on United Airlines, rather than KLM (and another 10+ hours of the Netherlands I wanted none of). I breathed a bit easier, as the flight left Dutch airspace. Later, as the flight made landfall in eastern Canada, I took out my CD player and popped in Mirrorball to occupy the rest of my flight time.
    A bit later, the captain came on the PA system and asked me to look outside: I was just north of New York City, with the Manhattan skyscrapers and the Hudson River gleaming even from my high altitude! New York City was the place where I had gone to college and come of age, the place that had given me wonderful memories and hope. After the captain finished his announcement, I unpaused my CD player – which started playing “Angel.” I savored every word of the lyrics. To me that day, the song was about leaving the sexist hurt of Amsterdam of the previous week behind, as well as enjoying the gorgeous (if distant) view of New York City, revisiting the memories there, appreciating my coming of age, and looking forward to a more hopeful future with a better job and better travel experiences.
    The plane soon touched down at Washington Dulles Airport, and I continued on to my home in California. I would continue to struggle personally for years – my career and finances continued to deteriorate for a while, and that was the least of my worries! But the moment that I had on that December day, 35,000 feet over New York City while enjoying gorgeous views and reminiscing my younger years of hope, continued to linger as a strong statement – and the song “Angel” was the perfect soundtrack of that moment.
    Eventually I rebuilt my life. I have not returned to Amsterdam since and will never go back as long as I live. It’s also unlikely that I will ever work for a poorly planned dot-com startup again. However, I have resumed traveling, and have been able to visit destinations that were much kinder to me. The powerful, cathartic experience from that moment in 1999 over New York City still spoke to me stronger than ever – I made sure to book my flights again on United, and I made sure to make return visits to New York City, to revisit my old dreams and create new ones.
    And of course, I decided to listen to “Angel” even more in the midst of it all – and that led me to enjoy Sarah McLachlan in person, four times and counting. And every time she performs “Angel” live in front of me, I burst into tears. That cathartic moment of relief that I had on that flight in 1999 over the skies of New York City, as I flew away from an utter nightmare, was so encapsulated in that song I was listening to at that moment, and comes back every time Sarah sings it live. It is a feeling that I do not want to ever forget for the rest of my life.

    Hug | Like | Reply
    • A little clarification – the captain’s announcement over New York City was actually a historical lecture too, including New York City’s origins as New Amsterdam. And as I enjoyed the view, I even had a few conversations with fellow passengers, and we all had a chance to share our respective New York City memories. A very heartwarming moment it was. “Angel” and its lyrics, again, were the perfect soundtrack.

      And Oude Amsterdam was an utter nightmare, but Niewe Amsterdam more than made up for it…

      Hug | Like | Reply
  91. Music has always been a bond between me and my daughter. Something beautiful to share. We were at Lilith in Vancouver, WA. We saw you at the Snitz in Portland. Your music, our singing our hewts out, driving up our mountain have given us moments of joy, abd led to providing oments of sharing with.my teen daughter. Thank you for your strong lyrics. And thank you a strong role model for my hirl child.

    Hug | Like | Reply
  92. this song reminds me of my father, he was the most gentle caring man ive ever met. it just so happened i was living in a motel at the time of his death, (between moves) and it really hit home for me. I know he’s with the angels. :) Thank you Sarah, your voice is truley a gift to this world.

    Hugs (1) | Like | Reply
  93. Belinda 386 days ago

    This song came out around the time I lost my sister. She was only 32 years old. She woke up with a bad headache which continued to get more and more intense as the day went on. While in the emergency room awaiting a shot for what she thought was a bad migraine headache, she suffered an aneurism in her head. She was immediately flown to a trauma hospital. She had to have surgery to relieve the pressure in her brain and then put on a respirator. She remained on life support for one week. Tests showed that there was no brain activity so we made the decision to donate her organs. From the moment I heard the angel song, I knew that was her song. Your lyrics touched my very soul. Thank you for making your words come to life and reach the very depth of my heart.

    Hug | Like | Reply
  94. Renee Gensler 386 days ago

    Every time I hear this song it is so hard to hold back the tears, tears of joy and sadness. Remembering the family that I have lost, something I was never prepared for. This song has helped me through some crappy times. Never stop what you do sarah, if I could give as much happiness in this world as you do…..well it would be so much better. Thanks for being an Angel.

    Hug | Like | Reply
  95. Love this song..It brings tears to my eyes because it brought me from a dark time of my life to the light. Thankyou

    Hug | Like | Reply
  96. This was played at my little brothers funeral. I had always loved the song, but it has a much more special meaning to me now.

    Hug | Like | Reply
  97. michael mckendrick 386 days ago

    just hearing your voice lets me open my heart to the past present and future of deep relationships that make up a life time of wonder, amazement and sorrow.
    thank you for the connection

    Hug | Like | Reply
  98. Philip Vanderhoofven 386 days ago

    Deeply significant to my life. You really have no idea what this song means to me.

    Hug | Like | Reply
  99. Christine 386 days ago

    Hi Sarah…I have found such solace & comfort in your music! I am so happy you’re making a new album!! Angel has brought me much comfort as it reminds me of my mom who passed in Feb 1999. I heard it the morning on the day she died unexpectedly and then I heard it on the radio at times when I was doing things related to her. It was uncanny how it came to me when I needed to hear it most!! It makes me feel so connected to my mom!! Thank you so much!! My husband surprised me with your concert at the Hollywood Bowl on your last tour & I was in Heaven!! You’re my favorite artist b/c your music has so much meaning! Have fun on this album!!

    Hugs (1) | Like | Reply
  100. Mary Anne 386 days ago

    I have played and sung Angel more than any other song I know on the piano. While I worked at a treatment center for addictions, many people requested this song, since it spoke so clearly to them of overcoming hardship with a power beyond what we have on our own.

    For me personally, this song represents the comfort of escaping the awful realities inside and outside of myself. Even if that comfort is momentary, it is a beautiful resting space for the “sweet madness” and “glorious sadness.” It also represents the humility that life sometimes grants us, that calls us to our knees. I like how the song frames that desperation as a gift to reach for something beyond ourselves. I don’t have adequate words to describe how this song has transformed, shaped, sheltered, and freed me at times.

    Once again, thank you. I am so grateful to have heard you play it live several times. I will never tire of hearing it, singing it, or playing it.

    Hug | Likes (1) | Reply
  101. df1chicago 386 days ago

    this song has been a companion of sorts thru every hard time i’ve had since i heard it… lost jobs, broken hearts, dreams left behind, fights with loved ones, and complete uncertainty of what the future would bring… this, along with dave matthew’s “where are you going”, stevie nicks’ “landslide”, and dolly parton’s “the lite of a clear blue morning”, is one of the all-time great “hope” songs…

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  102. Caitlin 386 days ago

    This is for the people that died in 9 11

    Hug | Like | Reply
  103. Helen O'Shea 386 days ago

    In 2008 I got the early moring call in Montreal that my beloved dad and greatest friend had been killed instantly in a car crash in Ireland….on the long lonely flight home snd throughout the funeral, I played 2 songs on my iPod over and over to help me through the shock and pain….Angel was one of those songs…the line pulled from the wreckage was difficult for a long time but that song was like cool ointment healing my open wound..thank you!
    Then cut to 2013, after 5 years was finally able to sing the song again….arranged with two collaborstors as girls duet with piano for Feb event on Youtube under helenosheamusic. Duong rehearsals for that event, got call to hear that a wonderful girlfriend back home had lost her very difficult battle with depression and had left us all under very tragic circumstances so this song took on a titalky different meaning and it was like the same lyrics rearranged themselves to mean something totally different but gave us a window into what people think when faced with such a horrible decision. We dedicated the performance 10 days later to my dad and my friend, the support from my collaborators was touching and amazing…most ifficult erformance of my life to date but aso the one that means the most to me. Thank you Sarah for such a tender, indightful, understanding song…it epitomises the meaning of healing in music! Helen xxx

    Hug | Like | Reply
  104. You can be just like me.

    Hug | Like | Reply
  105. Adriana 386 days ago

    This song allow me to know your music and I´d say to identify parts of your soul.

    Hug | Like | Reply
  106. Lindsay 386 days ago

    This song is a song that has comforted me through many dark nights as the song says. I played this song and it has saved my life. I know it may sound extrem but it’s true at 17 years old I am now 33 I was diagnosed with mental illness known today as a behavioral health. Before I had the skills to get me throught the dark painfully nights music would especially your music Sarah and especially Angel. I always wanted to get the opportunity to thank you for your wise beautiful words. I am also a singer and have sang Angel at many events to pass along encougment and get the word out about behavior health. After my performances I always got wonderful feedback about the Angel. It will always be my song of comfort Much love xoxo

    Hug | Likes (1) | Reply
  107. I went to see Lilith Fair in London at Albert Hall and you performed this song with Sinead O’Connor. It’s still the best live performance moment of my life! Now my friends and I occasionally gig this song but we will never ever come close to your brilliance.

    Hug | Like | Reply
  108. Kim Arnold 386 days ago

    This is my all time favorite song..I feel this song deep down in my soul as it is the way life is most of the time..working hard to get somewhere in life but yet to get any recognition. Always dealing with not so nice humans..bullies and back stabbers. I find peace within me..knowing that I have the angels and spirit guides and God above to keep my own spirit strong and move forward into life with my creative energy.
    Love Your Music Sarah..I listen to it as I work each day :)

    Hug | Like | Reply
  109. Helena Shirley 387 days ago

    Sarah, this is the music of my life…. i think you understand what means…

    Hug | Like | Reply
  110. Nicole Gould 391 days ago

    This song always gives me goose bumps when I listen to it! This has always been my favorite song and sang it in Elementary school for a talent show. Reminds me that we always have angels watching over us and protecting us. Thank you Sarah for such a beautiful and powerful song! xo

    Hug | Like | Reply
  111. Angela Salamone Snyder 397 days ago

    This is probably my all time favorite song in my lifetime because it reminds me that we all can be in dark places, but if we just look up there is usually someone there to save us. I also love it because my name is encapsulated in it and I think of the power my own two arms have to comfort someone in need. Powerful and beautiful.

    Hug | Like | Reply
    • Christon Nichole 391 days ago

      love that Angela! … and an angel you are. I thank the universe (and Sarah) often for sending me such a wonderful friend, mentor, and rock. You are the best! xoxo

      Hug | Like | Reply
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