Rolling Stone Features Exclusive Shine On Tour Photos

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20140710-sarah11-x595-1405017598Rolling Stone magazine gives you an exclusive, behind the scenes look at the Shine On Tour.

Sarah McLachlan’s Love Letter to the Road, a gallery of 15 all-access photos, provides an intimate look at Sarah, her family and the band as they prepare to take the stage for her show at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles.

The pictures capture Sarah as she relaxes pre-show, warms up with her band at soundcheck and takes the stage in front of thousands of fans. Even better? Sarah provides her own captions as she recalls each moment.

The Shine On Tour is currently in the middle of its US leg and will be traveling across Canada for an additional 25 shows this fall.

Check out the amazing photos on and let us know what you think below. Hope to see you on the road!



6 Responses to Rolling Stone Features Exclusive Shine On Tour Photos

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  2. Kelly alfax Ann 76 days ago

    This article was so special, how Sarah prepares her mind/look with alone/or her people for the show.
    Read it many times since featured… pictures has beautiful moment as well, this is special gift to fans like me waiting so long for upcoming show in this Fall. I can imagine before & after the show, Thanks for amazing warm/peaceful music and your sincere heart. take care!

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  3. Father might yell at you

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  4. Maddie Crow 89 days ago

    I love these Shine on photos! I especially like the one with Sarah looking in the dressing room mirror. The lights around the mirror always remind me of backstage.

    Sarah, I really think you should do throwback Thursday and post a picture of you when you were little. That would make my day! :) Enjoy!

    Good luck on the rest of your shine on tour and get some rest!

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  5. Dennis Phoenix 93 days ago

    Damn! I signed up for the gravitar account after I posted. I was going to put a picture of Frankenstein in there, he’s more handsome.

    Now let’s see if this thing works…

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  6. Dennis Phoenix 93 days ago

    Going from non tour mode to a tour mode must be like a baptism by fire. I mean first you’re in this non demanding environment where things are pretty manageable, then you commit to a tour schedule with premeditation going towards what’s best for family; you cram it full, so you can be done when you need to be, not really allowing yourself to be human. Now being the big boss you have to deal with a frustrating schedule and so many people, all wanting something, and you don’t want to be…the bad guy so you put your cool guy pants on and muddle through those stressful situations.. that when calmed you are so glad you did not speak your mind then when you were not sane. Also with 98% percent of your fans being kind and respectful, you get crazies like me who think they have a minds eye vision of what’s going on when they’re just nuts..and they just talk weird.
    So now how I see the photos is Sarah is starting to feel the grind of it all and is surrounding her self with those things in her life that bring her comfort/sustenance. Like in one of her songs, “Into the fire I yearn for comfort…” A bandaid for all the B.S.

    Am I right or just Crazy?

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