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Have a question that you have always wanted to ask Sarah? Now is your chance!

As her Shine On Tour heads across the country, Sarah is taking over iTunes Music for a live chat on Twitter to answer your questions!

Visit iTunes Music (@iTunesMusic) on Twitter this Wednesday, July 2, at 4:30 EST/1:30 PST to ask your questions. Be sure to use the hashtag #AskSarahMcLachlan so Sarah sees your post!

You can follow @iTunesMusic during the chat to see fan questions and Sarah’s responses. And for those of you who have taken part in her previous chats, you know she doesn’t hold back!

Sarah’s latest album Shine On is available now on iTunes. To keep up-to-date with everything Sarah, follow her on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

31 Responses to Live Twitter Chat With Sarah!

  1. Kelly alfax Ann 78 days ago

    this was awesome… unfortunately I failed chatting(my account was locked, I didn’t know) but all the Q&A was so fast, fun, and real ! had a good time to read … can’t believe it’s been a month since then —- like this, my Nov 19th ticket day will be coming fast !!

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  2. maybe a riddle of sorts, also? how deep does it go? all the way to the top.

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  3. all right, sarah, for the team here now, remember (sorry people if i make it worse etc.)? that’s a tough one, right?

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  4. i think if one of us could find a good question for sarah in here…they might lay off the delete button a little next time? (that’s a tough one, though…)

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  5. Cannot wait till tomorrow night. LYS

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  6. andy himes 112 days ago

    Hi Sarah, GREAT CONCERT LAST NIGHT AT RED ROCKS! WOW. Fantastic. Thank you for such an incredible performance. Your voice never sounded better. Your band was spot on!

    One of my favorite songs which I loved hearing last night is Fear. What was your motivation to write that song and what were some of the fears that you were able to leave behind and let go?

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  7. Suzanne 112 days ago

    Hi Sarah, Wow your new CDis amazing/awesome, no surprise. Just wanted to thank you for sharing all your beautiful music. I had the pleasure of seeing you twice at Lilith Fair. Never was able to see just you. Just turned 50 and my bucket list was to get to see you and meet you. Tried to get meet/greet tickets but failed. Anyway possible I can be number 151 in Detroit.? Would like to share astory with you. Your Canadianso you know all about cold long winters.Last winter put all all through the test. Here in Detroit wewere on our third polar vortex, so cold so dark so lifeless. I put on you CD, cranked up the volume and cracked my window. In a matter of 30 seconds the holly busch was filled with several different birds (32). You even mesmorize the birds. Apollo is my dog and best friend he is petrified of storms/fireworks. Tried everything to try to calm the poor guy downbut nothing seems to work. Than I had an idea put on Sarah. Works like a charm. Thank you for help keeping me calm for so many decades. Your a wonderful person. Not to many celebrities you can look up to anymore. Your a class act. The countdown is on 9 days and counting. So excited. Sorry for all your loses ,hope your feeling better. New opportunities come out of bad situtations. Be haapy, keep smiling and SHINE ON. Your Fan Suzanne

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  8. Dennis Phoenix 113 days ago

    Hi Sarah, I don’t often catch all the lyrics of a song, but the sound you have, the pleasant things you do with your voice… its angelic quality. Your sound is more than just soothing… it’s healing . I will always purchase a new album of yours and seeing you live in concert is on my bucket list, almost made it this tour.

    Tell me Sarah, “did it hurt when you fell from heaven?” :-)

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  9. Does surfing have an impact on writing your music?

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  10. Aloha Sarah! We would LOVE to see you stop in Hawaii for a show!

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  11. cecilia nikilson 113 days ago

    Sarah you are great please come to Argentina

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  12. Jennifer France 113 days ago

    Do you think you might tack on a few more concert dates in California at the end of the tour?

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    • Please come back to California… LA area- one wasn’t enough- it was the best show I’ve ever seen at the Greek… Love your talent Amazing Sarah :)

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    • Team Sarah Mc 113 days ago

      Thanks for the support! There probably won’t be any more California shows added to this tour.

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  13. Carol Loureiro 113 days ago

    I can’t wait to talk to Sarah!!! <3
    It's my big chance to tell her how important she is in my life. And how she keeps inspiring me in my music.
    Thanks, Sarah. I look forward to hear from you.

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  14. Can’t wait to see you in Boston again!!

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  15. Chris H 113 days ago

    Hi Sarah

    Please tell me that you are coming to Europe soon. We really miss you and its a very long time since you were last here!!

    If money is the problem, we can probably raise enough for your fare and you can come and stay with me:).

    We love you……………………………..

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  16. Ron Bergmann 113 days ago

    Sarah, I saw you at the Greek Theater in LA and the concert was FABULOUS! Your new album is sensational. I love your inner beauty as you let it shine for everyone to see. Thank you for such great music and demonstrating love.

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  17. Asia Tour! Hong Kong!

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  18. Fumbler 114 days ago

    Happy Canada Day!
    Once again Sarah / Sarah Mac Team, I don’t live the rock and roll lifestyle and will be working hard during question period tomorrow. Nope. Real working. Not playing around on Twitter, Facebook, or whatever. Nevertheless, I will bend the rules and ask a question now. In the spirit of Shining On, do you have a joke or funny story that you can share? And by sharing, I am okay with you holding back somewhat. Save something for your inner circle or just for yourself.

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  19. Shaking and crying your concert was amazing beyond belief being my first one will there be another chance to see you live again?

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  20. Scott Miller 114 days ago

    I just wanted to thank you for the Father’s Day email with song attached. I lost my father when I was mid 40′s and am now a father of 3 children with 4 grandchildren. I have listened to the song over and over again and it brings out different thoughts of my father and of myself while raising my children. I still cry like a baby when I listen to the song…. Very good memories of my father and children growing up. I am most proud that all of my children are married and have homes of their own.. Very proud crying.. Thank you for bringing those memories back to me.

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  21. why did you/your staff ‘shine me on’?

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  22. Marci Hosier 114 days ago

    One of my favorite songs is Ice on the Afterglow live DVD. Sarah, if you could pick the one song that meant more too you than any other on that particular albulm which would it be? I went out and bought the Shine On but I have to say Afterglow is the bomb. I like the way the concert had a variety of different instruments. You are a New Age Mastermind of talent. Do you have some Irish or Scottish heritage? I really like some of the Celtic mix in some of the music. I wish you the best Sarah! Your Freaking Awesome!! I will always love your music. Cheers too you Angel Woman!

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    • Fumbler 114 days ago

      Ice rocks. I really like the music but I am not sure that I want to understand all the lyrics.

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      • Marci Hosier 113 days ago

        I think in the song Ice, she says you enter into me with a lie upon your lips. Then only a fools here would stay. Which I think, is that your love is true too them your being the fool if you stay when they being so close to you, they lie to play that game. Its so hard to trust someone’s love even in that intimate moment. You would stay instead of being true to yourself. Man, that’s sad! Anyway, I dig that song mostly because of the music. Have a Great Day Fumbler!

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        • Fumbler 113 days ago

          Yes but that whole enter into me is a little too much information for me. I would have toned it down to something like, “You draw near me” or “You touch me”. Like you Marci, it’s more about the music for me here. Take care.

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          • Marci Hosier 113 days ago

            I think Sarah, lines in the song just needed to be said that way. Expression is what makes the artist. It may not along the lines of good scruples but Sarah human. I like the fact that she tells it straight up. Most of her music seems to be pretty clean and that’s great. She does have that angel like quality but having a little edge isn’t bad. I listen too a variety of different music. Sarah’s music is still for the people who will listen and like her music. I don’t think it’s bad to say it freedom of speech we should have that right. Her music has done a lot of good. I agree with you on the music. The sounds with each song, all of it accumulated together and the people who help her. That’s a lot of work! Sarah, can sing anything she would to convey and I would still listen. What I know that the world isn’t perfect. Sarah’s music is pretty close. It was nice chatting with you. Take Care To.

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  23. Theresa Haring 114 days ago

    Sarah, my daughter (Rebecka) and I are looking forward to seeing you in concert Saturday July 5th. I purchased tickets in March for a 35th birthday gift. We have been fans of yours for years and are sooo happy to see you in the spot lite again.

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  24. lynne maksz 114 days ago

    Sarahs music has always moved me and I have played it often at my Compassionate Friends meetings, I along with Darlene Fernandez help parents who have lost children from accidents, drug overdoses ,murder and many other reasons The loss of a child is truly the most painful experience one can go thru,, Sarahs music has brought a peaceful and hopeful feeling to our meetngs, We also play her music at our candlelight vigil every Dec,.Sarahs song Angel was released I believe in 1997 the same year my son was killed in a horrific car accident three days before Christmas,It was the first song to bring me comfort ,even through my ocean of tears, Justin was 15 years old,two other boys were killed as well, Music seems to help express grief that has no words or meaning, we find her work the very best for expressing that grief. I will be attending your concert at Artpark in Lewiston New York. Thank you for your music Sarah, it means so much to so many, Lynne Hayes Marksz

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  25. the most beautiful Songs sung by the most beautiful voice created by the most beautiful mind: my ears full of joy my eyes full of tears! Thank you for all this meaningful Beauty!

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