Sarah Announces Canadian Tour Dates!

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Sarah revealed the tour dates for the Canadian leg of her 2014 Shine On Tour with a little help from her Canadian fans! Tickets go on sale this Friday, May 9. Find out when Sarah is coming to your town by visiting the tour page. A big thanks to all of her fans that assisted with the announcement! Check it out!

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  1. Margaret McLachlan 167 days ago

    Hi Sarah again, I did leave a message somewhere else?? Mary and I would like to go to your concert in Vancouver, but it is hard for this oldie?? To figure out how to order them?? Mary’s daughter is being married in August in Australia, so she is taking her holidays and going in July. I want to get your Album at any rate. Much love, Peace to you, Margaret McLachlan

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  2. Rhiney maceachern 174 days ago

    Tickets purchased. Now the waiting begins

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  3. Kelly alfax Ann 176 days ago

    So excited!! what time is ticket open on May 9 ??
    I’m not sure I can make it in Nov. but if possible, I’m thinking Halifax or Toronto…. should pack for my favorite city in Canada, thanks!!!

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  4. Rhiney maceachern 177 days ago

    Hi, I seen Sarah with her original band before she signed her first contract. I am from cape Breton ns. I am a retired Veteran. I have enjoyed every CD that Sarah has made. I live in BC now and I am looking forward to seeing Sarah live. Thankyou Sarah for everything

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  5. Karine B. 178 days ago

    Yeah!!! This is great! I can’t wait for the show in Montréal (and I hope we’ll be able to get VIP tickets before they’re all sold out)! :)

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  6. Are the prices on Ticketmaster right? They can’t be…says over $100 in fees for a $225 ticket?

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