Get a Sneak Preview of Shine On

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Sarah wants to give you a preview of her upcoming album Shine On before the May 6th release date! Go to her YouTube page today to see a sampling of each song on Shine On. Can’t get enough? All of the lyrics from Shine On can be found in the Lyric Lounge. Be sure to let Sarah know what you think of each song by leaving a comment on YouTube and the Lyric Lounge!

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4 Responses to Get a Sneak Preview of Shine On

  1. dylan should slide off the lips… (and it did etc.). so here’s a “time” that i can easily see fitting us (but not going to be seen by many others, so i’m explaining…ha ha). a quote out of dylan’s “changing of the gaurds” done quickly (sorry, still…) that i used to enjoy back in college, “gentleman”, he said. “i don’t need your organization i’ve shined you shoes.” “i’ve moved your mountains and marked your cards…but eden is burning; either brace yourselves for elimination or else your hearts must have the courage of the changing of the guards.”

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  2. (that that’s going to be able to form a bigger picture. ha ha; spring is slow this year.)

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  3. just reading ’round about the best i could, i still think in there could be the further education of what anna nalick’s time back there was doing. (put together (“shine on” etc.), while i have to have my doubts here; i also seem to have to know better etc. ha ha)

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  4. Anthony 179 days ago

    Melodic, emotionaly deep, beautiful, breath taking… can’t describe your songs and music better. May 6th is coming :) !

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